Sunday Lemmings: Christmas Party Wear for $80 or less

Here's my pick of Party Clothes and accessories for a Merry Christmas and the holiday season :)
Fancy Balloon Dress $89 (If you use promo code HJ2609 at checkout, you get 15% Off, so it's only $75.65). From MoyoAsia. Fabulous quality and detailing on this dress.

Arc Chain Neon Bag ($28) (10%off anything when u quote hollyjean at checkout) from ChangeUpp. A fun dress needs a fun bag in neon purple! :)

Spiked Ankle Neon Tan Flats $38.90 (With Promo Code HOLLYJEAN you get $2 off in November only, so it's $36.90) from . Pair this with any party dress. Love the fun neon and edgy spikes.
Unsymmetrical Short Maxi $23.50 (Promo Code HOLLYJEAN for $2 Off, so it's $21.50) from TheLadyWears. Vibrant electric blue colour.
Kiss Me Peeptoe Platform Shoes $73 (Promo Code HOLLYJEAN for 10%Off, so it's $65.70) from ClubCouture. Hot pink suede and a 4 inch heel!

Leafy Head Band $16.50 from . It's so Bohemian Chick Chic.

Kitty Romance Embellished Collar Top $37.80 (Quote HOLLYJEAN and get 10% off, so it's $34.02) MySpiritInc


  1. Amazing collection specially the blue dress i love to wear soon
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