My First Experience Rebonding at Zinc Salon

Hello... most of you would have known by now (through Twitter and Instagram) that I went to ZINC salon at Centrpoint (#04-16) for the first time last Friday. Zinc is a new salon about a year and a half old, but it has experienced stylists and caters to quite a few celebrity clientele (I hear Glenn Ong is one of them)...
My hair was getting difficult to manage and kinda limp... out of shape looking, so I decided it was time for another soft rebond and cut.
My hair stylist is Ben... he has over 10 years experience and yes, it shows. You know the kind of stylist who feels your hair and knows exactly how it is?? Well, he's that kinda stylist. I confidently recommend him to you.
Soft rebond... and I trusted him to chop some of it off... and I'm SOOOO pleased with the end result!
Look how gorgeous it is! Much better shape than my old hair which was kinda just long and hanging there... blah! And my hair now feels silky smooth too! Mad happy and extremely pleased.
He even taught me simple techniques on how to maintain my hair and style it. Did you know that if you use a Flat iron.. you cannot use it on wet hair because you fry it?! Damn it... I've been flat ironing my wet hair all this while!!!

I still don't know if I'll colour my hair (likely not.. because I quite like my natural shade).. but they do awesome colour jobs too (I saw a couple of other clients getting their hair dyed). Next time I go back... I'll try their hair treatment.
You can Call ZINC salon at - 62359891 or 62350891 for enquiries or appointments.

Here's their FACEBOOK page.... Like it to be updated on their latest promos and info. :)


  1. Anonymous4:06 am

    :O:O:O you've been flat ironing your hair wet??

  2. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Hi Holly,love reading your blog. how did you keep yourself so fit? do you have some exercise regime or diet? could you share?

  3. @anon4.06 ... yah. I actually thought it was better tht way... when my hair is dry I would purposely wet it with my evian or biotherm water face mist thingy... and then flat iron.

    But only been doing it recently (like over the last couple of months, before tht I never flat ironed my own hair).

    @anon 9.50: I dont have routines... cant maintain. there are times where I wld be super gymish.. or super dietish . But always a fad with me.. I jump from one thing to the next. I am genetically quite lucky I guess... or my bad lifestyle hasn't caught up with me yet. (hope it wont!)

  4. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Nice hair length! Makes you look younger!



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