My DIY $2 Flower Girl baskets from Daiso

A few weeks ago, I went to Daiso ($2 store) to buy my supplies for making my own Flower Girl's baskets. I managed to get the baskets there. As well as blue ribbon and little blue and white flower buds on wire.
 With these I created easy no-sew, no glue baskets for my 2 flowergirls. First I arranged the flower buds on the side of the basket and halfway up the handle. Just stick the wirey bits in and wind it around. Next step, I warpped the ribbon around the handle.. avoiding the flowerbuds (obviously) and covering up all the green wiring.
 No gluing or stitching needed if you end your ribbon on the inside of the basket. To secure, I weaved the end of my ribbon to the inside of the basket, just below the handle (see pic above).
Tadah! This is my end result! :)  I filled the baskets with silk flower petals. You can also use fresh petals bought the day before or the day of your wedding.. but do note that they can stain your dress (!) and strain carpets (most hotels do not allow them).  Also because my wedding colour scheme is Blue white and silver... I wanted a mix of blues and white for my petals.

Now my only concern is... it's a bloody long aisle (which I wanted on purpose).. but doubt the flower girls will have enough petals in the basket to cover the whole aisle! Maybe I should get them to only start sprinkling the petals when they're halfway down the aisle (where the pews/rows of seats start)??


  1. half way down is a good idea :)

  2. Anonymous10:28 pm

    have a dry run and you'll know!

  3. Anonymous8:28 am

    Woah, massive amount of typos in this post. What happened? LOL

  4. Anonymous5:03 pm

    u are very creative n talented when it comes to DIY! :) Pretty!

    I am happy for u for ur wedding!

    One thing I wish to ask is- if a woman is interested in dating again....what can she do to start? I did go on dating sites but the men i attracted seem to only want....something that does not require commitment lol or sex/quick attention. It got tiring.

    I know we're supposed to dress up and have open and relaxed body language when we go out and smile....

    but at times I really feel discouraged hahahha!

    & then sometimes feel like being alone is more rewarding...
    but maybe tht is just my inner fear speaking

    I admire how you view love & dating though especially after he break ups & then you move on quickly and still keep positive about finding your soulmate :)

  5. hey ya. I'd say give the website another go but be much more selective.

    You can usually tell within the first few emails or phone call what the other party is in it for.

    There are good guys there. One of them I met through is still a friend today and he just married a girl he met off the site (married last yr.. now she's 4 months pregs..I've never met her though).

    Plenty of assholes out there.. once u suss someone out as an asshole... drop him, n move on.

  6. Hello! I think you could add in some cut outs of blue and white hearts in the basket instead of just petals.

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  8. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Hi do u still do flower girl baskets?

    1. I don't do any for sale.

      U and go daiso and buy the basket and deco for the basket like flowers and ribbons


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