Easy DIY Holiday Nail Designs- Exposed by Glamogirl.com

Today is a fun post.. because I'll be reviewing the exposed nail lacquers from GlamoGirl.com :) These nail polishes are free from the toxic-trio (Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene) that are usually found in your typical nail polishes. 

It's hard to find nail polishes like these which don't damage your nails. I love the colours, they are rich and very pigmented, so one or two coats is good enough. 
In my personal collection I have Daisy Chain, Bootyllicious, Shock Me, Peach Melba, Oasis and the 3 in 1 (base,top, hardener) from Exposed.

Here are a couple of simple DIY designs you can attempt for this holiday season :)

2 tone Ombre 
Start with a base colour. I chose Shock Me which is a very pretty neon pink.
When that coat is dry, dab on a second colour to the tip of the nail and then gently pat the colour downwards.. concentrating most of the colour on the tip and fading the colour out towards the bottom of the nail. I usually use a sponge for this (like those triangle latex makeup sponges)... but I didn't have any spare sponges today, so I folded a cotton pad instead. It works! But you need to be careful not to get cottonpad  fibers on your nail.
I used a darker pinkish red  colour- Bootyllicious to create the ombre/ gradation. Once you're done, just seal it in with the top coat.You can experiment with contrasting colours too.

2 Tone Geometric Base
For this, I started with a light base colour- Daisy Chain. And then I used a darker colour- Oasis to create my geometric pattern. It's very simple. One diagonal stroke (as seen in pic).
Followed by a second diagonal stroke... this creates a triangle at the base of your nail.
Then fill in the rest of the nail with the same colour, avoiding the triangle space you just created.
If you want, you can even invert the triangle for some of the nails.. like I did here with my right thumbnail :)
Exposed nail polishes are available from GlamoGirl.com  :) . Normal retail price at $12 (which is already very affordable)... but from now until 19th Nov, to celebrate GlamoGirl's first birthday, it's 1-for-1 !!! So only $6 each! Hurry, grab your favourite shades... there are a whopping 74 shades to choose from!

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