Bedok Reservoir by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

My brother's first book - Bedok Reservoir- is now available at Books Actually and Kinokuniya Bookstore.

A special dual edition book which comprises both the stageplay and prose of ‘Bedok Reservoir’.It's inspired by the slate of drownings/suicides at Bedok Reservoir.

And just recently (well after this book was written), there was another drowning at the reservoir during the Hungry Ghosts month. There are beliefs that the reservoir has bad feng shui and is actually shaped liked a skull!

But please don't be misguided and buy the book thinking it's a spooky ghost story. Although there are some creepy moments, it is in essence a story about loss, searching and the acceptance of one’s own demons.


  1. hey holly, who published wesley's book? is it self-published? also, do you do book reviews on your blog?

  2. Not self published. It's by math paper press


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