The Body Shop Couple Fragrances: White Musk EDT

The Body Shop's best selling fragrance, which was launched way back in 1981, has just had an uber-stylish make over. 

White Musk  fragrance was one of the first ever cruelty-free musk fragrances, featuring man-made musk instead of the scent from the glands of a male musk deer. The Body Shop never harms any animals in the production of its fragrances. 

This fragrance comes in a Homme (men's) version too. Our review:

White Musk EDT (30ml), SGD39.90
The bottle is simple yet attractive. It has a very chic designer looking cap, and a graduated amethyst hue on the body. 

The scent is a combination of mainly musk and florals. The musk makes the florals in this perfume smell softer and smoother ( does that make sense?? It's the only way I can describe this scent!). Smells clean and fresh...  like i just got out of the shower. Gentle on the nose, not too sharp smelling.

White Musk for Men (100ml), SGD42.90
For the man's bottle, it's strong and clean cut looking, with a much darker purple hue.

Smells thicker and heavier than the women's version, but still very clean and fresh. You should get this for your man as an everyday wear perfume... it has like a "nuzzle-ble" factor... cos it smells inviting and comfy.

Maybe these will be our wedding day perfumes. :) I've always been a fan of The Body Shop. Their body care products are well made, and fragrances are well priced.

Both these revamped fragrances are available from The Body Shop now :)