Sneak Peek Video: Holly Jean's Life

Thanks for all your questions :) There were too many (and some required answers too long for a short video) so I'll answer those later on in separate blog posts.

Meanwhile, here's the "home tour" you asked for, as well as answers to a few questions. Shot it with the iPhone5, and only just realised I should have put the phone in landscape rather than portrait while shooting. Oh well! Sorry! Now I know better.


P/s- The closing date to win the Prada doctor bag in the Myfatpocket Luxury Bag Giveaway is ending soon. It's the "best friend edition"... so if I win it, then one of you will win it too.. if you CLICK here and sign up (I chope the red one! you can have the blue, ok?)

If you already took part in the Mulberry giveaway, hang on, it's closed now. The draw date is somewhere in early Nov... (can't recall exact date).. I'll update you when it happens!
Winners are picked randomly by computer. There's even an auditor present to make sure things are fair. :) Last time the had the luxury bag giveaway, I was presenting the Prada giveaway... (click here to watch).


  1. Anonymous10:00 pm


  2. holly you are getting cuter by the day! may I know where is your apartment located? the view is awesome!

  3. Anonymous12:34 am

    hi, where are the canvases in your toilet from? I couldn't make out what you were saying in the video.

  4. Cotton on . $5 each. And I put it on the wall with regular mounting tape. Cotton on novena.... Or u can also try TYPO stores

  5. Anonymous2:30 pm

    thank you holly! will check it out soon.

  6. Love the video!! I watched it on phone and the landscape works ok for me haha :P


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