Lola's Pet Shop Haul

Just received my latest order from   :)  Delivered straight to my doorstep! I love shopping with Kohepets because of their Free Singapore delivery for orders over $50, low prices and their huge range of products (not just for dogs but for other pets too). 
I stocked up on Lola's tray food for the month, with her usual Divine dogfood at just $1.20 a tray (cheap!!), and this time I decided to try Wishbone Grain Free dog food as well. It's $1.80 a tray, and has totally yummy flavours like Roo Stew! 
Stocked up on doggy treats as well. Tiny treats like the Mini Naturals ($6.80 for a 170g pack) are great for training. It's peanut butter flavour! And Lola loves chewing on the Terrabone Fresh Breath Dental Chew Bone everynight before bed time, she takes 4 days to get through one bone.
Some other new snacks for Lola to try, from the brand DoggyMan. The dried anchovies ($8.50) smelled so good I felt like eating them myself.
The Doggy Man soft sasami stick ($13.50) is now Lola's favourite. It's soft and chewy, and has little chunks of veges in it too. They also have a version with cheese in it.
I love my doggy...
So many goodies for Lola.. and for me, I got the Armonto Pee Pad (Medium - 55pc) $23.50 ! It makes cleaning up after Lola much easier. I think my dog has a really small bladder because she will pee at least 12 times a day.
Using these pee pads instead of newspapers makes my life easier as I can leave the pee pad in her tray the whole day. For newspapers, I have to change it after each pee. 


P/s- David and I were thinking of adopting a second dog. Doesn't have to be a puppy, but max about 3 years old (that's Lola's age). Lola is very gentle and has good temperament, won't hurt other dogs. So I won't take in an aggressive or hyper dog which could hurt her. Also can't be too much bigger than lola. She's a Mini Morkie. Perhaps a toy poodle, or maltese, or any mix breed that is small. I work from home so they'll get lots of attention.  :)  If you know of a suitable dog which needs a new home, do let me know.


  1. Anonymous5:59 am

    Hey check out this dog rescue website they have tonnes of cute dogs that were abandoned! :( xx


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