It's Almost Mid October!

Where has the year gone? Seems like it was only a few months ago when I was getting used to writing 2012  when dating things. 

I am off to Bintan with my friend Bianca this weekend for my hen weekend. (Will update you from there) Well... it's not really a hen weekend.. more like a free trip away for me and one of my bestest friends. Hen nights will come later! Next year!

Meanwhile, I wanna show you my new Cardigan from Tailored Philosophy
I love the contrast of delicate lacy peekaboo fabric and the frayed denim trim. Comfy and versatile too.. it will go with my skirts, pants, jeans, and structured shorts too.
All Tailored Philosophy items are handpicked and imported from Korea.  Key " HOLLYJEAN2012" upon checkout for a 10% discount when shopping at Tailored Philosophy. LIKE their FB page for updates and monthly giveaways. Check out the recently launched collection!

Meanwhile... made a few switches in our bathroom....
For David, I got for him the Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner from Watsons... and so far he likes this brand. Too bad for me, I have a terribly sensitive scalp and can't change shampoos as I like, cos I get dandruff. There's sooo many new shampoo ranges and brands stocked up on the Watsons shelves. Lucky for David, he can try them all, cos I love buying new shampoo.
Also, to save money, I've been switching to Watsons house brand products. I've already been using their Vitamin C effervescent tabs and love it. Now I've switched my contact lens multipurpose solution to the Watsons brand one too. :)

<3 Watsons!
I'm updating my blog with a personal post this week (please don't bash me !!) ... but meanwhile... here are some of my recent articles..

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  1. Anonymous9:45 pm

    don't see why anyone would bash you.. i love your personal posts! ^^ enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi HJ! I think you mentioned on twitter (can't @ you on twitter cos acct's not public) that the bodyshop sent you their anti-dandruff shampoo after they heard that your dandruff came back.. Can I know if it worked for you? Thanks!

  3. Yup! It's a ginger anti dandruff shampoo. It works well ... No tight feeling straight after washing (which I often get with other shampoos).

    Flaking much much less... Much more controlled. Though I noticed I got to use it everyday. If I skip 1 day, I get dandruff back again. Hope longer term use will rid it completely


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