I am exhausted

I wanted to blog about something.. but I didn't want to talk about the Malaysian Scholar and his sex blog, nor did I want to go into rant mode with Daniel Ong (twelve cupcakes) 's angry letter lashing out at his neighbours for noisy renovation works.

I wanted to write something personal tonight.. just to share with you a bit of my life.

But for the first time (as far as I can remember)... I could not think of anything to share. Well.. I have more wedding related posts.. like how I DIYed my wedding invites... and I've already written those posts, they are in draft ... I will post it at a later date because I don't want to keep talking about my wedding, my wedding, my wedding.... gah! are all brides these consumed with wedding prep?!  (Actually, I think I am not so bad compared to some other brides to be).

So help me think of something personal to share. You can ask me questions (leave it in comments)... and I will answer them all (or as much as I can) in a blogpost (or maybe video) in a couple of days. You can ask me any question about my past, or my relationship or opinions... You can even request things like.. show me your bathroom.... or whatever... 


  1. Anonymous1:47 am

    Something personal......your bank account! :D

    Well, since you are getting married. How about blogging about MIL(Not MILF and also not your MIL). I've heard horror stories about MIL and it always seems to be the guy's mum that seems to come between the couple.

  2. Halo there, first of all, I think I wanna say - I followed your blog for a few days ago, and your blog is so great and attractive to me! I just feel so curious about your ethnicity. You look like a Chinese but also a little bit Western... mind answer this question? hehe. and yay, what do you think of men? I seriously don't think love is all thing in a relationship. Day after day, all will become like a family, but the love of lovers will totally disappeared or almost gone... (blahblahblah)

  3. Anonymous3:00 am

    How about writing something about the a guy while dating the girl, then after getting the girl and then after married. The change in attitude.

    Taking the girl for granted?

  4. Anonymous3:10 am

    Talk about how you handled difficult/rebellious children back when you were a teacher. I am a beginning teacher and I am going nuts =( Everything that I have learnt in NIE just does not prepare me for what I am experiencing now.

  5. Samantha5:06 am

    I want to know how you feel being a teacher before. Like how was your experience like, enjoy it or not... did you regret leaving the teaching profession? If you were to go through it again would u still think you would want to teach? Education system in Singapore past and present. difference and your honest views on how you would cope next time if u have your kids.. Would u let them have education here or other places... :)
    Thanks for sharing Holly

  6. Anonymous8:56 am

    How about a photo tour of your whole home? I know you already put up some pics but a consolidated post with floor plan might be fun. Just an idea. :)

  7. but if you don't have anything to write, the 2 topics you withdrew from seem like a good idea. would be interested to read about what you think. :)

  8. Anonymous11:44 am

    Have you ever regretted breaking up with an ex? Just curious!

  9. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Have an "ask Holly" post like you did the last time. It has been a long time since you did it. :)

  10. CeLesTina2:26 pm

    How about telling us your life journey frm yr past dating experience to finally met with your current mr rite & eventually tie the knot soon?

    What is your plan for the future? How are you feeling now as you will be soon becoming someone's wife?

    : )

  11. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Do you have any cancerian ex-boyfriend? What's your experience with them? I just had a bad experience with one who totally shattered my heart....

  12. pearly4:15 pm

    i second the "tour of your place" suggestion! wouldn't mind seeing how your place has been done up (and lived in) since the last updates, and what you've DIY-ed around your place. i actually still remember seeing you in teenage/teen mag from long long ago! do you have a collection any of your previous covers/spreads/shoots? how about a "HJ through the years" special? ;)

  13. Anonymous5:10 pm

    actually i love reading about your wedding! deco in your place? what you love about your fiance? ^^

  14. Anonymous9:28 pm

    If a guy cheated, how to know if he is worth being given a 2nd chance?

    esp when he still wants to keep in contact with the girl he cheated on as friends?

    how to learn to trust again stopping the urge to want to read all his messages !

  15. I'm curious about your personal view on kids. How many do you plan to have and how soon after the wedding? Do you want them close in ages or spread out? What would you name your kids?

  16. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Hi there! Just some random thoughts to provide suggestions other than those above.. How abt the perks & downside of being a blogger? How does a blogger even report your taxes or cpf to the authorities? Guess this is something most of us won't know..

  17. Anonymous6:10 am

    House tour/fantasy house sounds like it would be a great read!!!

  18. Anonymous7:12 am

    Lots of helpful information. I have bookmarked your site.

  19. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Tell us about the transition from being single, attached and getting married!

  20. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Tell us about your fiance.

  21. Anonymous12:55 am

    Wedding is the easy part,lasts one day,marriage is the hard part.Good luck.

  22. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Yes I agree with Samantha! Can you write about your teacher life? Am interested in knowing how you felt then and what made you leave.


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