Want to Volunteer at a Pet Shelter?

Nestlé’s 100 Wishes project is held in line with Nestlé’s centennial celebration, where the wishes of 100 individuals will be fulfilled throughout the year.

Earlier this year, Blogger Qiuting and me both wished for a one-day event where the public can visit and volunteer at animal shelters. 

Nestlé Purina is collaborating with the animal shelters on 7 October 2012 (Sunday) at Pasir Ris Farmway. We are looking for YOU to volunteer and share your love as we celebrate World Animal Day, which falls on 4 October 2012.

Expect a fun and enjoying time interacting with the pets and bringing the dogs out for a walk. Show your love by helping with the cleaning of the animals’ living quarters. An adoption drive will also take place during the event. 

If you’re a cat lover, head to Animal Lovers League to assist in the cleaning of the cattery. With Gentle Paws, you’ll get to bring the dogs out to the nearby park to interact and play with them. Over at Madam Wong’s, spend time bathing the dogs as well as interact with them.

Choose from any one of the three participating animal shelters to volunteer at: 

  1. Animal Lovers League ( 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3)
  2. Gentle Paws ( 6 Pasir Ris Farmway 2)
  3. Madam Wong’s Shelter and Friends* (18 Pasir Ris Farmway 2)

Highlights at every shelter:

Animal Lovers League:
  • Compound cleaning for the dog living quarters
  • Walk-A-Dog
  • Cleaning the Cattery for cat lovers

Gentle Paws:
  • Walk-A-Dog
  • Compound cleaning for the dog living quarters

Madam Wong’s Shelter and Friends*:
  • Bath time with the dogs
  • Cleaning of Cattery for cat lovers
  • Compound cleaning for the dog living quarters
  • Interaction time with the dogs

*Please note that volunteers must be 17 years and above to participate in the activities at Madam Wong’s Shelter and Friends

Sign up now to confirm your slot and receive an exclusive Nestlé Purina goodie bag! 

Date of event: 7 October 2012 (Sunday) , 10am to 2pm, Please sign up by 4th October (email to Purina.Nestle@SG.nestle.com )


  1. Hi HJ!
    Can we volunteer even if we do not have experience with such domestic pets? I love animals, and are not afraid to handle them. But I don't keep pets at home, so I don't have the experience of really taking care of them.

  2. Yup can! It's always a learning experience, and we want people with heart.


    I am planning to go to Madam Wongs Shelter on the 7th.

  3. HI Hj
    What is the best place to volunteer here? Please let me know and I will contact them directly


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