Sunday Lemmings: Comfy Pretty Shoes

For many reasons, my favourite shoes are mary jane styled wedges. First reason is comfort, if you have to stand long hours in heels, wedges are your best bet. Second is stability, the heel isn't going to get stuck when you walk on grass, or over the grills on a drain. Third is easy walking because of the strap across the ankle that's synonymous with the Mary Jane style, your heel wont slip out of the shoe. Fourth is the look- it's girly!
I just got in the mail my newest love from . :) They're Floral Cut-Out Mary Jane Wedges $19.90. I love the soft jelly rubber material, the floral lace like cut outs and the gentle pink colour.
 I wear it with my trousers, and go for meetings (especially great when I have to travel to meetings via MRT). It has a 3 inch heel, which is comfy to walk in, not too high at all. And when people look at it, it looks like flat shoes actually, because the heel is moulded together with the whole shoe. So you look like you're wearing flats, but actually, your posture and height is boosted 3 inches ! :) *sneaky sneaky*
I also wear it with skirts and rompers. Basically, they could go with anything! And two thumbs up for comfort!

Xquisis also sells a similar Mary jane wedge With glitter... *bling*

Check Xquisis  out for their latest collections. They have a whole range, and all sizes.

Another one of my go to sources for pretty shoes is ClubCouture's shoe collection.

 One of my favourites is the Pink Cap-Toe Ballet Flats ($ 62.50). It is comfort combined with quirky in this pair of colour blocked shoes. Hellooo cutie!


  1. Anonymous10:30 pm

    the same floral cut out shoes are on sale for $12 at AMK hub, just saying.

  2. Nope, not the same.

    I know which ur talking abt, i bought those cheaper ones in black. Looks the same, but actually the heel/wedge is not as firm and not as high as these ones from Xquisis.

    Let me take a pic and show you in this comments section. But i am at my mom's house today, the shoes are in my new home. I take pic of both side by side and post here tomorrow (Friday)

    If i forget to do so, pls leave a comment to remind me. thanks.

  3. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Thanks, i'd appreciate that. They didn't have it in my gigantasoraus size, which is a good thing, now that you have mentioned the difference!

  4. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Post the picture please!:)


      Sorry kept forgetting to upload pic. Here it is. Pink one is Xquisis.

  5. Anonymous11:36 pm

    these r gorgeous!!! love them!

  6. OMG. Sincere apologies. I did not check the link until just. It does nt work, if ur not on my twitter, you would not have seen it.

    There's no way I can email you the pic. As you're anonymous. It's so long ago, I think you're not checking this thread any longer either.

    For what it's worth- you might be able to view pic here



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