Smoking is No Reward. IQuit

Hi everyone, as promised... here's an update on our IQuit journey so far.... David has cut down on his smoking. Not ready for cold turkey yet, but definitely putting off each craving for a cigarette and delaying lighting up has helped to halve his daily intake (less than half pack a day now!). I have been going cold turkey for 2 weeks now. But of course I understand it's a lot easier for me to do so than him, as I used to smoke only socially (when other people around me smoked), never craved it when I am on my own or when I am busy.

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I've been reading up on what makes smoking become a habit... other than Nicotine, which is addictive (but you can get it in the form of patches nowadays)... why do people depend on cigarettes so much?

It's because we use smoking as a reward. Human beings are hungry for rewards, it's like a pat on the back. A cigatrette is a reward we give ourselves. How many of you are guilty of promising yourselves, "when I finish this piece of work, I'll have a cigarette." You are making smoking a reward, something positive to look forward to.

Smoking becomes a conditioned reflex- get through the MRT ride, light up as soon as you get out of the station. End of a long work day- relax with a cigarette. 

In reality though, smoking is no reward. Replace it with something else you enjoy. A healthy snack, a piece of candy, a phone call to hear the voice of a loved one. Smoking is no reward.

Good luck everyone. And remember, you'll always find support at IQuit Club.


  1. HJ,

    Just curious about why you started smoking.

    The health hazards of smoking have been widely known for decades.


  2. Yup, have always known the health hazards.

    I think I picked it up in my very early 20s, when I had a BF who smoked, and I enjoyed joining some of my Uni mates on their smoke breaks in between lectures.

  3. Thanks for providing such useful information. Hope to get some more information in future also. 


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