Lactacyd White Intimate Wash- Fairer in 4 Weeks!

Pigmentation and a darkened bikini area is due to perspiration and excessive friction from tight clothing. In humid Singapore where the trend is to wear tight clothing... it's no wonder this is a common complaint of Singaporean women. Some women even have discoloured intimate areas due to shaving, and waxing too. 

But the thing is... it doesn't have to be like that.
We take care to have the best complexion on our faces, and even pamper our bodies with scrubs and moisturisers. It just doesn't make sense for women to neglect their intimate areas!

Lactacyd has made it so easy to pamper, care, treat and cleanse our intimate areas... it's all in one wash...
Lactacyd's White Intimate is the very 1st lightening intimate wash introduced in Singapore. This wash contains Algowhite, plant-based Actipone-B ingredients and milk-based Lactoserum/Lactic acid. All these are natural ingredients which are dermalogically tested safe to be used for the intimate area.

 Does it work?
Well, 90% of Asian women in a product test experienced visible lightening after 12 weeks. 67% experienced lightening in just 4 weeks! 
I myself have used this for 1 week now... it has a prime spot in my bathroom. I have sensitive skin, and I love how this product is gentle and not drying on my skin. The immediate effect is the soft skin after the very first use. This product feels fabulous.
And I love the scent too.. it smells just so delicate. I will have to wait to see if there is any whitening effect (keep you updated). But so far, so good!

Lactacyd also has another new product- the Youth Reviving Femine Wash, Revitalize. It's a gentle cleanser with anti-aging properties such as vitamin E, Collagen and Trehalose (a long lasting deodorant moisturizer). This wash helps rejuvenate skin and leaves it firm and supple.

This wash is very refreshing, giving my intimate area a cool sensation. I am very kaisu, (plus I am getting married in 5 months! Must prepare!)... I use this product at the end of the day, and the White Intimate in the morning. That way I get the benefits of both products, whitening and anti aging as well! But you can also just choose one depending on what effects you need more. Better still, get free samples sent to you now, so you can see which you prefer  :)

Just head to the Lactacyd FB Page (Click here)  and use the secret referral password:  to redeem your  free Lactacyd Trial Kit.

 Lactacyd Intimate White and Revitalize can be found at all leading pharmacies at $13.90 (250ml).


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