Deal Primo's Pepper Crab Offer!!

My birthday is next wednesday! So my mom and dad took me and my bro out to an early birthday dinner. Too bad David could not make it because of work :( 
We went to House of Seafood cos we had a 50% OFF voucher for Crab!!! Using this voucher, you can get 700 - 900 grams of crabs made in any of their 8 styles (black or white pepper, Chilli, Salted egg, butter, stewed or beehoon!) for just $25. You can get your voucher from DealPrimo.

There are 3 outlets in Singapore and we went to he one in Changi, the restaurant has a nice upmarket setting, yet it's very relaxing with a casual crowd.

House of Seafood locations:
36 Yio Chu Kang Road (Opposite Serangoon Stadium)
Singapore 545553
Tel: 6285 9711

30 Cosford Road (Near Changi Prison)
Singapore 499550
Tel: 6746 9000

1 Joo Chiat Place (Near Joo Chiat Complex)
Singapore 427739
Tel: 6442 5180

We decided to pick Pepper Crab, since it was recommended as their house specialty.

We also ordered a few other favourites from their menu. 
Salted Egg Prawns ($7 per 100g. This approx 500g)
Pork Ribs in Special Sauce ($20)
Hot Plate Tofu (I think it was $14, I forgot)
In total, including the drinks, we paid $99.20... not bad for a yummy chinese seafood dinner for 4 pax.

P/S- Special thanks to House of Seafood's manager Jass for her friendly service and attention, and Deal Primo for the awesome deal !


  1. Anonymous11:54 pm

    holly, since you have tried & reviewed both the canon exilim zr20 and the nikon j1, which would you recommend& why? im thinking of getting a new camera but not sure which is better and worth the money. Thanks Holly

  2. Anonymous12:07 am

    hi i asked you the camera question previously. i'd like to ask in addition whether you'd be willing to sell your sponsored camera for lower than retail price?:)

  3. The zr20 is slim, easy to use (point n shoot kind) and is cheaper. The features like backgrnd blurring, HDR, etc are very easy to use. Quality of pics great too.

    The j1 , I felt, did not offer much more really. But the camera itself looks cooler.., semi pro and can buy bigger lenses.

    If I had no camera and had to buy one, itd be the zr20.

    Not selling at the moment as I only hv 2 now... Olympus pen (llooks very good, bit hefty price tag, pics abt the same as j1 and zr20) and zr20 (which I use practically all the time cos less bulky than Olympus do much easier to carry around)

  4. Anonymous8:36 pm

    man, i was thinking the nikon is much better looking. do you prefer the olympus pen then?^^

  5. Nope. I only keep it cos I spent $ on it lol. Heart pain to giveaway or sell off cheap. Lol


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