CROCS FH12 collection (and Giveaway!)

On Thursday, Crocs in Tampines Mall hosted a bloggers event at their store. 
A Crocs lover himself, Oli Pettigrew, the face for the New Crocs New You Campaign was there for this event too. 
On the New Crocs New You website, you can get styling tips and fashion advice from Oli. There are also interactive videos and a lucky draw to win a stay at Capella Singapore Resort!

The bloggers had their own little fun contest where we were given $100 Captial Land Vouchers to spend in Tampines Mall, and upload a picture of themselves in the theme of New Crocs New You... onto the Crocs Sg Facebook page.  Oli then picked his 3 favourite entries to win another $100 vouchers each.

Here are some of the entries in this fun contest...

That's Smith, our emcee for the evening.. helping some bloggers in their shots. LoL.

 Joey was one of the winners with her eye catching neon bra and shoe combo lol. 

This was my entry ... was mighty pleased that the young guy working in the HushPuppies apparel store was kind enough to allow me to pull this one off in their changing room. (If you ever see this, thank you for not chasing me away lol).
OK.. enough yakity yak.. here's a peek at the new CROCS FH12 collection (and my Crocs Giveaway for Readers....)

Did you see a pair you likey??? For yourself.. for your partner or for your kid. OK.... the first 2 readers with the correct answer will get a FREE PAIR of Crocs from their new collection (you get to choose your favourite!) and one random reader with the correct answer will receive 5 x $10 Crocs Vouchers.
All you have to do is NAME this pair of shoes that I am wearing. I chose this pair ... they're my favourite from their new collection! Imma gonna wear them with shorts and singlet practically like ALL the time now. :)  (tip: you can pop down to any Crocs Outlet or check out the Crocs Women's range on the website)

Email your answer to me at with your answer, your name, contact number, email and mailing address . Winner will be announced in this post on Wednesday 3rd of October.. that's real soon... you won't have to wait long till you get your awesome pair of Crocs. :D Yay! 

UPDATE:  3rd Oct 2013, 9am

First 2 entries-Winners of the Free Pair of Shoes: Matthew and Ash
Random Winner of vouchers: Jacklyn
I will be giving my own set of vouchers away to another random entry: Wansing

Matthew, Ash and Jacklyn... Crocs will contact you shortly.
Wansing, I will send you the vouchers directly.

Congratulations, hope you enjoy your Crocs! :) Thanks everyone for taking part in this contest over the weekend. I hope to bring you more giveaways soon.


  1. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Am I too late to be one of the first two readers? Really wish I can win a pair of new Crocs just like you, but I found out about it bit late.

  2. Yes, I already had my 2 winners within the first 10mins of posting the blogpost. But no worries, 2 more random entries will get the crocs vouchers. Will announce in a few hours! :)


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