UpCycle Thursday! Fab Hair with Old Socks! :)

Welcome back to UpCycle Thursday. This is where I share interesting crafting/up-cycling ideas (whenever I come across any). 

Today, it's re using Old Socks for cool purposes    :D

First... the SOCK BUN. Watch this video I made on how to create a sock bun. Sock buns are a super neat,  super fast and very comfortable way to bun your hair (no pins or spray needed!). 

You can also use this method on damp (not wet!) hair, leave it in over night, and wake up to wonderful heat free curls. 

You will need to use black/brown or socks which match your haircolour to create a sock bun. But if you're just using it to curl your hair while you sleep, then obviously any colour will do. Try it, let me know how it goes k.
If you have colourful, patterned socks... why not steal this fabulous idea and make skins for plant pots. You can buy cheap inexpensive pots or re-use ugly old ones. I think you can also consider doing this for vases, or other containers (like small square boxes even) which you can then use on your vanity table to store make up or hair accessories :)

:)  Hope ur liking UpCycle Thursdays so far ...


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  1. Fay Lim4:58 pm

    Brilliant! Love it!

  2. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Nice! I shall try it some day. Holly where did you got your top? Look simple and nice...

  3. The tag says moda international, size xs.
    Think I got it frm some cheap shop in Msia. Can't remember. But it's just a plaiin cap sleeves tshirt. The impt thing is to get a very small fit

  4. Brilliant! I have to try this :) have been doing buns for my performances but sometimes they look so clunky. Will share with my team too!


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