My Views on the DHC Q range from Watsons

DHC products are hot in Japan, and you can also get it in Singapore at Watsons.

DHC Q is the latest range they've brought in. The products in this range state Q 0.3% ... which is the key active ingredient Q10. It also has a soluble collagen, and superb beauty ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. 

This range prevents wrinkles, prevents photoaging, it keeps skin supple, it's an antioxidant, it moisturises and acts as a cell stimulant as well. These are all things you need your product to do for you once you're in to your 20s. Your skin will thank you.. 20 years from now, for pampering it with collagen, Q10 and hyaluronic acid from early on.

These are the items I've tried from the range so far: ( I love the metallic purple bottles and packaging!!)

DHC Q Medicated Lotion (160ml Bottle)
I use this after cleansing my face. It does not feel astringent (doesnt feel like it's drying out my skin), it has like a veil to it, feels like a coat of moisture on my skin actually.

DHC Q Milk (100ml Pump Bottle)
I love Milk best... because I feel it works best for my skin. It's absorbed much faster than the cream, and it's more emollient than the gel. I have dry skin, and this product works for me, no peeling, no tight feeling. Just supple skin that takes make up on well.

DHC Q Gel (40g Tube)
This one is not very suitable for dry skin, I don't find it moisturising enough. However, it's very light, and will suit those with oily skin best.

DHC Q Cream (50g Tub)
This tub is small... But I suspect that with this product, a little goes a long way. You don't slather it on your face like some cheap cold cream. Dot it around the main points ( cheeks, forehead, chin, nose) and then spread it into your skin. Makes a good night cream.

DHC Q Medicated Eye Cream (25g Tube)
I've been using an eyegel for many years now, because I just feel it's lighter and not sticky like creams... especially on my eyelids (hate when my eye make up doesn't stay cos my eyelids oily!). 

But I have no qualms about switching to this DHC Q eye cream even though it's not a gel. When I tested it, the cream squirted out rather thick looking, but I used the heat on my fingertips to melt it, then spread over my eye area. For me, it works best this way. No greasy feeling, and it was absorbed quickly. Very good, but I'd still suggest using it sparingly during the day if you want to put on eye make up.

DHC Q Pack Sheet (5 in a box)
I super love sheet masks, I've tried almost every sheet mask out there in the market. And these sheet masks from DHC Q live up to my expectations. Skin feels supple and smoother after 20 mins of having the mask on... and I also enjoy a nap while it's on :)  .
My one and only complaint about this range is that there's no perfume smell like florals. Of course, that's to be expected as all DHC products have no artificial perfumes or colouring. The DHC Q range is however, super moisturising and pampering on tired skin.