KOHE PETS - My Fav Online Pet Store

 I've been buying all of Lola's food, toys and pet supplies online at KohePets.com.sg . The main thing that attracted to me to this store is that the prices are cheaper than most retail stores I've been to.
And then I save even more money because there's Free Delivery for orders above $50... yay.. no more having to take taxi back from the pet store when I have heavy bags of Lola's dry kibbles! 

My shopping experience there also feels so secure because I don't have to pay upfront (you can if you want, as they accept PayPal & Credit Cards). When I opt for Cash on Delivery, I only pay the delivery man when he's brought my order to my doorstep. If I am unhappy with my products in any way, there's a 10-day return policy as well. 
They have a huge selection of all types of pet food and treats. They stock all the popular brands you see in the pet stores as well as some more unique brands that we hardly get in Singapore.  KohePets doesn't just cater to dogs and cats, but they have products for small pets (like hamsters), reptiles and birds.

I love browsing through their pet accessories, pet furniture, and grooming products because they have such a wide selection available... for every pet and every budget.

Lola is running out of pet food, so I'm going to order some in a couple of weeks (plus some other treats for her). Delivery usually takes about 3 days. I will show you my haul once I've ordered it and it's delivered. :)

Meanwhile, have a browse around and shop at - KohePets  . I guarantee you'll be pleased with their products, prices and service :)