If He Quits, iQuit

Over 20 years ago, my dad quit smoking. Many people quit when they get sick or scared (because a smoker they know dies) but luckily enough, my dad didn't have to get to that point. He quit because he did not want to be a slave to cigarettes.

He had an epiphany of sorts one day when he came home late one night after work and ran out of cigarettes. You see, every night after work, my younger brother and I would jump on him pleading with him to play with us and take us to the playground, but he would usually be too tired from work, and turn us down.

But that one night, when he ran out of cigarettes, tired or not, he walked a good ten minutes to the nearest minimart to get a pack of cigarettes. It was at that point, when he was walking home, happy he had gotten his pack of cigarettes when he realised - that he turned his own children down when they had waited for him the whole day, because he was too tired... and yet... for cigarettes, he would go that extra mile. It was then he decided that he would quit. And he did.

He has never had a cigarette since. I am proud of him.
I've found out through the iQuit Club's Facebook page that loads of Singaporeans quit everyday for all sorts of reasons. Many even replace the habit with a healthier addiction, like exercise. Quitters need inspiration to quit. They need a reason to quit and most of all, they need support.

Join the members on iQuit Facebook.... over 20 thousand of us there now.

Share your story- some stories there are sad, some funny... but all are inspiring.

I picked up smoking while I was in university. Fortunately, I've never been a constant smoker, never owning my own pack, but casually picking a cigarette up when in the company of smokers. I guess it's what you call a social smoker. But it's a stinking habit. And now, my fiancĂ© is a regular smoker so I am finding it increasingly difficult to get away from it.

The good thing is, David is trying to quit. It's not easy, he tried once a few months ago... only to return to it again. One thing's for sure, if you've newly quitted smoking, you need to stay away from it, and stay away from smokers and situations which smoking in involved. Because once you pick up that one cigarette saying... it's ok, just one stick... gah!! You're back on the bandwagon!

So he's going to try one more time and I'm going to be supportive of it. We are getting married and want a happy healthy life together. So before we tie the knot in January this year, we both vow to be smoke free for good.

The harmful effects of cigarettes will take time to erase. So please, start turning back the clocks now.

You'll find loads of useful stuff at the iQuit Club's FB page... like the QUIT Pack which you can send to someone who needs to quit smoking. Please support this cause by Liking the iQuit Club's Facebook page today. :)


  1. Good! Although I find girls who smoke look sexy, I'd rather they don't do it.

  2. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Hey thanks for sharing. Good cause!

  3. Miss J10:51 am

    You should quit whether David quits or not.


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