WTF is Wrong with SG kids nowadays? MOE to Introduce Sexuality Education

Yesterday I got a call from Channel News Asia's Talking Point, asking if I would like to offer my views on their programme with regards to Sexuality Education being introduced to schools, by MOE. (Apparently they are also looking at picking suitable teachers to teach this.. and these teachers must embody what they teach... hmmm).

Sorry.. but is MOE looking for nuns or frigid uncool teachers who preach abstinence? That's not going to bloody work. No one is going to listen.

Maybe they could employ my mom, because she was VERY good at brainwashing me as I was growing up. She never used the word 'NO!" but somehow she always managed to manipulate me into doing the right things in life. See, don't blame the teachers, if your kids screw up, it's most likely down to fucked up parenting... so parents, point that finger back at yourselves.

It should be an interesting Talking Point episode to watch, but I can't be on it as I am in Phuket and won't be back until the 22nd of this month. Yessss... I am on holiday!!! I really need this break.

You know what else has made me roll my eyes lately? Some survery which revealed that 75% of teenagers in Singapore DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE A CONDOM. (read about that here)

Wow... isn't it pretty elementary... Did they try to roll it over their feet or something? Even Ris Low knows how to use one.

It's like... how useless are kids getting nowadays....  you have a wealth of resources and Videos on the internet and so much more information is available to kids nowadays compared to kids from GEN Y and worse still, kids from my generation X who had to rely on scarce sex education books and curious friends for information while growing up.... and yet we managed.

Now, everything you need to know, you can find on the internet and yet Gen Z can be so ignorant. Seriously, WTF is wrong with Singapore kids nowadays??

One day, teachers and physical schools will be obsolete,  and we'll have a world of independent learners and online content providers.

It is appaling that despite such progress and potential available today, kids are so uneducated about sexuality.

But judging from our Singapore teens today who seem inclined to use the internet only for Angry Birds and updating random boring emo shit on their FB statuses.... that day might never come. 

Serves you right... now you will get 2 periods every week in class where some boring fart of a teacher will come in and teach you that it's wrong to have sex..... and probably also... there's no such thing as being gay.


  1. Anonymous6:50 pm

    It'd be great if you didn't generalize the entirety of Singaporean students, because how accurate are surveys anyway? I really doubt you'd know how we students are truly like. we can be pretty sensible. Obviously, we'd know the Internet is at our disposal and many of us have practically turned into autodidacts since we've concluded for ourselves that certain teachers honestly just suck at their job.

    the point here is, the government's decision to implement this, does not necessarily reflect the competency of students.

  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Probably watching too much porn and they don't use condom wahaha

  3. Anonymous3:03 am

    Wow that was pretty one sided! I'm a teen! But i do agree the effects of Internet is increased information but also misleading information, for instance porn

  4. Anonymous5:39 pm

    I concur with the first anon. How accurate and informative can surveys really be??? There was a recent survey that stated that Malaysia is the safest SEA country. Do you think that said survey is accurate? Also, as a former English teacher, shouldn't you know better than to make sweeping statements? Is the entire Gen Z ignorant? You surmise this from one survey? How does it serve school children right that they now have to sit through two periods of sex ed???

    I enjoy reading your posts Holly but this one is highly distasteful and truly uncalled for.

  5. Anonymous1:33 pm

    One sided and shallow post!

  6. Anonymous3:14 pm

    God. Holly this was such a terrible post. I'm a teenager and I do not know how to use a condom although I have seen/touched/'played' with one for a project. Why? NOT PLANNING TO HAVE SEX YET THAT'S WHY. Not because I'm stupid or ignorant. I'm sure when I'm planning to have sex, the first thing I would find out is how to use one. As a teacher, don't you think you are being ignorant as well? How representative are such surveys?! Losing respect for you. This was such a terrible post. Were you high? You must have been such a brilliant teacher such that the GEN Y/Z generation you taught turned out so.... terrible.

  7. You don't need a teacher to teach you how to use a condom darling. With a basic (meaning common sense) understanding of the anatomy you should know how to use one regardless of being 'ready' to use one or not.

    But seeing as you have played with one for a project, and still don't know how it might work/be used, then yes, u have the Internet. Cheers.


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