Wedding Nightmares

It's too early for wedding jitters. 

I am getting wedding nightmares though. A couple nights ago, I dreamt that I was waiting atop of some stairs waiting for my music cue to walk down the aisle. But they played the wrong song.

Then the coordinator (or whoever) came to check with me, and I told her/him (can't remember) that it was the wrong song! Then they played another song.. wrong again... and again... and I refused to walk down the aisle.

The thing is.. in the dream, I could not recall which song I wanted... but I knew they were playing the wrong ones. And I knew I had the song back in my hotel room (dunnoe.. maybe on CD or what).

Then there were bits of the dream where I am running up and down stairs to get to my room and lift is slow or broken... and I am sweating, getting flustered.. thinking bloody hell!!! Why can't these people get things right!!

So strange the dream.... but what's even more odd.. is that many months ago, before I started planning for this wedding, I had a similar dream. It was a different venue (in dream) but similar in the sense that everyone was waiting for me at the ceremony and I was right there (at the hotel too) but for some reason I could not get to the ceremony. In this older dream, I remember taking elevators high up... and I had long stretches to walk (but comfy white and airconditioned spaces.. not hot and flustery like the more recent dream). And I had trouble getting to the ceremony as well... like I knew the groom and guests were waiting.. but I kept making my never ending way there.

What do you think all these mean?? Those who are married, did you get these kind of dreams leading up to your wedding? I suspect they are going to get more frequent ..closer to January (my wedding).

P/S- planning is going much better now, since we have the hotel booked and deposit paid. Just waiting to confirm a second venue (for the evening reception) before I go ahead with printing the invites (cos I am putting both venues on one invite).. then printing a second set of invites with only the evening reception venue (this is for those who are not invited to the ceremony and lunch earlier in the day which has limited capacity). So everything on schedule.. not as stressful as before...