Sunday Lemmings: Aztec Trend

Usually I don't look forward to Autumn Winter trends because they're much less lively than Spring Summer collections. But this time round... autumn winter trends will include Lace, Leggings, Maxis, Peplums... and Aztec prints!

Yay! I'm looking forward to Aztec prints because it's something different. Finally! Much like the mad influx of Neon in this year's spring summer.. I think the Aztec style will inject a much needed energy boost into Autumn Winter fashion.

Here's a look at my Aztec Lemmings
Starting my collection with this Aztec Print Dress in Navy from a blogshop called Wisteria. Only $25.90 (before discount). It's simple, comfy, casual... easy to wear.. yet very in trend. Me likeys! They also have it in an orange colour.
Quote HJWISTERIA upon checkout to get 5% off any purchase at Wisteria. They have so many trendy dresses and accessories.
I Love Aztec prints!
ASOS Legging in Monochrome Aztec Print. Nice.. but it's sgd$43! Too expensive for leggings in my opinion, so will look out for cheaper ones in aztec print.

premium: embroidered prom dress from ClubCouture. I've been eyeing this dress for a while now... but  don't have my size. :(
 I loove Aztec print on nails too! I did my nails myself ( not paste ons!). Just with a few colours of nail polish... I painted on random aztec-ish designs.
You can give each nail a unique design. Wish I hadn't cut my nails short last week... if they were longer, I'd have more space to paint on. :)


  1. Anonymous1:01 am

    Hi Holly, may I know what kind of lenses you're wearing here? I find it so hard to find an enlarging lens that isn't too obvious to the camera, yours look very pretty!


  2. I know what u mean... I've tried many lenses which look too stark and awful.

    These ones are GEO lenses Adult Grey. I also use GEO Nudy Grey (that's a soft light grey shade on me).

    can't get in singapore though.

  3. Anonymous3:08 pm

    i love ur nails!


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