My Trusted Herbs for Beauty and Anti Aging!

More than I care to admit... I am a very vain person. But no matter how advance make up (or cameras) are.. there is no substitute for beauty that comes from within. When beauty radiates from within, it means our body is balanced and on the outside, it shows through healthy skin, good hair condition and a SLOWER aging process! 

You can get a whole range of affordable and natural Skin Management products from the Eu Yan Sang E-store. All ZIng products are made of chinese herbs based on principles of TCM. 
I recently tried out the ZING Ginseng Moisturizing Facial Mask (for dry skin). It costs $35.72 online (for a pack of 5 sachets). 

This is a super mask because it  nourishes the skin, reduces wrinkles and helps promote blood circulation of the face and head. The masks are not artificially scented, they have a natural herbal smell.
I prefer the ZING Whitening Facial Mask (pack of 5 scahets for $31.87). You need to mix the powder from one sachet into a paste (using a few drops of water).
Then simply apply the paste onto your skin. And leave on for 10 - 15 minutes. All ZING masks in this range are rinse off masks.

After a few times (of weekly use) I did find my complexion brighter, and more even. Yay!

Under the ZING range at the Eu Yan Sang E-store, you can also find cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, BB creams and scrubs. I bet you didn't realise Eu Yan sang had such a wide range of beauty products!!! Best of all, you can get them conveniently and cheaper from their E-store.
The ZING Ultimate BB Cream with SPF 30 is the next product I'm going to purchase. Gonna do it soon, while the promo e-store price of $28.50 is still on.

Not just skin... but healthy hair is important too.  The H4H Hair Formula from Eu Yan Sang is formulated to treat early graying, or hair thinning problems. This product is a hot seller at the Eu Yan Sang E-store.

Do you like drinking Bird's Nest too? Bird's nest is high in protein.. Eu Yan Sang has bird's nest in convenient bottles (just open and drink!) that are has less sugar and contains collagen and pearl powder! It's great for your skin!

Eu Yan Sang's beauty products don't just work on the exterior, it works to improve your body's functions on the inside so that you can have more radiant skin and healthier hair. I trust their products because they only use high quality ingredients, they have labs conducting science research into medicinal/herbal values, and it is an established brand that has been around since 1879!

Everyone can use their products because their packaging include instructions in English and they're readily available at the Eu Yan Sang E-store anytime. :)

What Eu Yan Sang product from their E-store should I try out next???


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    You looked like you found a million dollar with that face lol.

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    what is the age gap between you and david?:D

  3. I'm 11 yrs younger than he is.


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