Kneipp Herbal Body Wash & Almond Blossom Range

I've been testing out more kneipp products. In fact.. my bathroom is pretty much all kneipped out~

Love my range of Body Washes. Kneipp Body Washes have essential oils, are pH-balances, dermatologist tested, have no paraben nor preservatives and have no colouring. It's also alkaline free so you clean without drying out your skin.

I've tried the Herbal Body Wash Juniper. This is perfect for evening showers, especially before I go to bed because it has a soothing effect. Makes my muscles less tensed after a hard day.

In the mornings, I prefer the Herbal Body Wash Rosemary because it awakens the whole body! It smells fresh, and is a zesty kind of body wash.

My fiance David uses the Herbal Body Wash Mint & Eucalyptus. The essential oils in this one helps with sinus relief. He tends to get a stuffy nose quite often, so I got him this body wash.
These aromatherapy body washes are nice, but my favourite body wash is from the Almond Blossom range - Gentle Body Wash Almond Blossom. It's especially for dry or sensitive skin.

Almond oil is among the most precious oils in the world. It nourishes and protects normal as well as brittle skin. Almond Oil gives the skin a soft, velvety appearance. Even for the most sensitive skin, almond oil is compatible. Almond Blossom smells good too! Yay!

After a shower, I massage Body Oil Almond Blossom onto my legs especially. (If I have time, I do my whole body). It has a pleasantly gentle scent, absorbs quickly, improves elasticity and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

The range also has a Hand Cream Almond Blossom. It's a small tube which is handy for tossing into my bag on the go or for travels. It may be a hand cream but I don't just use it on my hands. I also use it on my elbows and shins+knees when I don't have a body lotion with me.

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