Because Holly Jean SAYS it

I first discovered when I saw an interesting Remix shared on a friend's Facebook Wall. It was titled Japanese Chef Serves Own Penis For Dinner. At first I thought .. "No Way, must be fake!"

But when I clicked the link, I was brought to Remix page on the SAYS website which had all the snippets of information on that particular topic. Turns out... it was indeed TRUE!! People even paid top dollar to have a taste of it. OMG! *puke*
Pretty soon, I was hooked, getting my daily dose of instant news in my inbox ( Subscribe to their updates!)... as a blogger I find this so useful because it gives me ideas and keeps me inspired. It's excellent fodder for conversation topics when you're out socialising too. With Says, you'll always be in the know.

I also started creating my own Remixes... because it's so much fun!
It's all Free.. trending news, lifestyle, design, entertainment, tech & sports content created by the people for the people. Love it!
Have a look at the video I just shot .. which shows you the magic of SAYS in under 45 seconds! :)

Click here to view my SAYS profile page (and all the interesting, quirky, jaw dropping Remixes I've created too!

1. You stand a chance to WIN a Mac Book Air in their current Giveaway!!!
2. It's FREE, yet not spammy!
3. It's FULL of the most current hot topics
4. I Love SAYS
5. You will love SAYS too
6. All of SAYS subscribers are beautiful, smart, charming and drop-dead awesome.
7. You'll get unfiltered and uncensored access to everything on SAYS
8. Did I mention the chance to win the Mac Book Air giveaway?!!!!!
9. Being part of this will be cool.
10. My remixes will be emailed to you  personally every week!

Here's how to SUBSCRIBE to their Newsletter. The first time you go to SAYS, you will see this pop up option to Subscribe to SAYS. Just key in your email into the Subscribe field and you're done! 
You can also find the Subscribe fields at the bottom of the webpage. 
Subscribe now....  :)

Because Holly Jean SAYS it !