My Grandfather Road Vandal Should Be Punished

The artist vandal 25 year old woman who painted "MY GRANDFATHER ROAD" on several roads in Singapore the past couple of weeks, has been arrested.  A person who is convicted for vandalism can be punished with a fine of up to S$2,000, or jailed up to three years and caning.  

Singaporeans are crying foul. Well some Singaporeans cried foul... then the rest followed suit, like lemmings off a cliff. To me, it looks like, anything goes, they'll jump on any anti-government bandwagon. People on the internet have been petitioning for her release (dafug?! You think your practically as good as anonymous signature on Facebook is so powerful meh?). .. and bringing things like freedom of speech (WTF?) and censorship (again.. wtf?) into the picture.

But like Hello??? The Issue here is not WHAT she has said or meant. It is HOW she has chosen to deliver it... censorship and freedom of speech isn't even relevant. If she wants to say something, say it lah. But if she wants to spray paint the roads, yah also can, but there's just a penalty she must face for it because that's vandalism. If she believes in her 'art' then let her face the punishment, it's part and parcel of the whole work isn't it?

She's also the one who pasted these circular stickers all over the streets. I think the stickers are quite hilarious and entertaining. I don't think she should be penalised for it, at most give her a bucket and a small toothbrush and make her go and clean off every single one of it lah.

Afterall, I think after a while, these stickers won't be as entertaining anymore, then what? Make the poor old cleaning anutie and uncle scrub away at it. Geez, I am not so deprived that I need kicks like these in my life or environment.

Stickers aside, ... (out of her own accord) spray painting the roads with her slogan My Grandfather Road ??? Clearly vandalism. Not even a grey area. There's not a courtroom in this world where you can prove otherwise. (petition for what?!)

I am all for public art, and in our sterile society, I think it can inject a much needed dose of life. But there has to be right ways to go about doing this. Pitch her ideas, if they are so brilliant, big ad agencies will take her on. Then she can see her artwork plastered all around MRT trains, and on billboards of buildings. 

Don't just grab a can of paint and take to the streets. What is she? A twelve year old delinquent who doesn't know better?

Imagine if we deem her act ok, then in all fairness, anyone can spray their shit on the streets and on buildings and claim it's public art.

And this is typical Singaporean:  IN OTHER PEOPLE'S BACKYARD, IT'S OK... in fact, I'll try to make myself sound all liberal and cool by supporting it, and calling it public art. Heck, I'll even sign a petition or two!

How about if she spray painted your streets, or your car, or your wall? Is it still art? Is it still very creative and clever and should be applauded?

If not for the very fact that this is breaking the law, I would have applauded the creativity. The phrase "My Grandfather Road" is pretty funny. Some people though, might choose to create videos, music, actual art pieces, print bumper stickers, whatever and go viral with that slogan. Others choose to just break the law.

Irony is.. it's not her fucking Grandfather's road either... so don't anyhow spray paint it!


  1. Anonymous2:29 pm


  2. Must be referring to some typo I hv in my blog post. But I cant spot it though.

  3. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I find the flash ads posted on your blog more offensive and in your face then the social commentary of this artist.

  4. Yah, but I'm not the criminal here.

    This is my blog.

    Those were not her roads (nor her grandfather's). Not her lamposts. Not her walls.

  5. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Hi Hollyjean, I thought that this post was extremely well written! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)

    Btw, I think the first anonymous was referring to this sentence:
    'You think *your* practically as good as anonymous signature on Facebook is so powerful meh?'

    BUT anonymous, sorry, I believe HJ didn't make any mistake.

  6. Anonymous12:11 am

    Well, i suppose she does pay tax to give her that 0.00001% ownership of that road.

    Also we don't want tourists asking "what road is this?" and we tell them "my grandfather's road" which doesn't sound very nice.

  7. Fiona3:46 am

    Agree with you.

    I believe creative and sense of humour shouldn't be at the expense of others who end up have to bear the consequences of your behavior.

    People who are supporting her..., I hope she will have the liberty to showcase her creativity on your property some day. :D

  8. Anonymous10:04 am

    Awesome blog!

  9. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Fucking well said

  10. /// You think YOUR practically as good ///

    you are or you're

  11. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Lighten up. I find those ND bunting more irritating than her funny stickers.
    Don't always throw the law book at
    anyone. No wonder we are such a boring and sterile pace

  12. Anonymous2:02 pm

    You are entitled to your own views but I think you have missed the whole point of her art.

    "Pitch her ideas, if they are so brilliant, big ad agencies will take her on. Then she can see her artwork plastered all around MRT trains, and on billboards of buildings."

    This is not a sales or business pitch! I suppose if you feel that you can create art in a sterile, controlled environment.... creating Art purely to meet the missions and objectives of a government body, then you will really be valued in the S'pore civil service.

  13. I think she should just get slapped on the wrist. I'm very surprised that somebody who sells fashion online doesn't know the meaning or value of street art.

    Those people who say that those people who defend her should allow her to vandalise their homes: they're really not getting it. The people who defend her are the very people who would be more than happy to put those stickers up in their own home.

  14. Anonymous6:39 pm

    She should be given the task to remove and restore all the vandalised public items. And she should be fined.
    Then they can give her a project to make Singaporeans laugh.

  15. Anonymous9:45 pm

    i personally love it. get that stiff rod out of your arse and perhaps you wouldn't behave like the other lemmings (otherwise known as singaporeans)


  16. erm... I didn't make a mistake.

    It's "Your" and not meant to be "you are" or "you're"

    Read the whole sentence.

    >>> You think your practically as good as anonymous signature on Facebook is so powerful meh? <<<

    YOUR = your signature. Which I described as being practically as good as anonymous.

    Not you are signature.

  17. Rod up my arse or not, I still don't see how the accused should be freed based on the grounds of it being art.

    It's vadalism. Yeah , I don't mean cane her, or stick her in prison for the max 3 years ( those harsh sentences are usually for repeat offenders). But She should be punished... for vandalism.

    Whether u accuse me of "throwing the law book at anyone" or being anal or dont appreciate art... my stand is still the same. I don't hate her, I don't hate her art or creativity. But I just think if you do the crime, and are dumb enough to get caught... then you should be punished.

  18. Anonymous12:01 am

    Yah lor. If not.. police catch people for what? For fun.. just catch and let go??

  19. Anonymous3:03 am

    Someone marries this girl :) . Kick ass and hot.

  20. Anonymous4:44 pm

    hey. i don't know why everyone is getting onto you because of your grammar. sigh, they have nothing better to do. but just to help you, you are right, just do this next time - 'You think your practically-as-good-as-anonymous signature on Facebook is so powerful meh?' :)

    great article :) enjoyed reading it :)


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