Kneipp Review & Also My Anniversary!

Here are a couple of new products I happened to try last week.

Kneipp Warming arnica Body MassageOil & Kneipp Warming Foot Balm.
Kneipp is a brand that offers effective,  nature-based products. It's used by celebs like Victoria Beckham, Richard Gere... even Fergie (!). 

I was keen to try the Warming Arnica Body Massage Oil (SG$28.90 /100ml bottle) because of the Arnica active ingredient in it. I've taken arnica pills before (from a homeopath) and found them very effective in relieving inflamations/aches/swelling.  

This massage oil offers a triple effect:
-Moisture care (almond oil and shea butter)
-Warming (Ginger extract)
-Relaxing (Arnica)

My verdict: Works well as a massage oil. Good consistency. It is soothing and relaxing when applied with gentle massage. However, don't expect a great amount of heat. It's a light warmth on the skin... not a deep heat.

There's no strong or bad smell with this product. Feel fabulous on the skin too. :)
The Warming Foot Balm (SG$29.90 / 75ml tube)contains ginger and cardamon oil to improve circulation, macadamia oil, honey essence and Vitamin E to nourish skin. 

My Verdict: Good texture, and not sticky upon application. Like the massage oil, the heat generated by the ginger in this product is a slight warmth, it does not have that sort of menthol type heat which you get from like muscle rub ointments.To increase the heat, I suppose you can apply it with more vigorous rubbing. 

Smells like ginger, but not a strong smell.The tube has a rounded applicator. I love foot rubs because I have poor circulation and it's something I especially look forward to if I've had to wear heels all day.

To find out more about these products, you can pop over to the Kneipp Facebook Page.
Kneipp products available at : 
UNITY Healthcare- Jcubemall, Raffles City & OUE Link.
GUARDIAN Health & Beauty- Paragon & United Square

Guess what? We had our first Anniversary over the weekend! Exactly 1 year ago, on 17 June, we met for the first time, after Beer Fest. ( Well, I attended Beer Fest... he was at work.. it was a Friday). 

This year, I was working on our anniverary.  I spent the day at a photoshoot, while he was at home. In the afternoon, my mom rang him, and came over (with my dad) to the new house. They didn't know it was our anniversary. 

By the time I got back after my photoshoot (about 5 plus in the evening), my folks were having a beer with him on the balcony. David then ushered me to the kitchen saying he needed me for a few minutes.
And I got a big surprise! He had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me.  :)  He even picked out the flowers himself... and I was so touched. He's not really the romantic sort that makes a big show of things (which is why he took me aside to the kitchen to give it to me lol), but the thought and effort made me want to cry!

My folks left at 6pm, and David and I were supposed to go out for an anniversary dinner.. but we were so tired ( especially me!! Be in heels, and full of make up the whole day).... we decided to just grill a couple of steaks at home and have dinner on the balcony.

I'm happy in love. xx


  1. Xingyi3:12 pm

    So happy for you holly! You've never given up on love & now you've finally gotten your happiness!

    Anw there's something I want to hear your opinion. How do you answer to "When was the last time you had sex?" coming from someone you're really interested in? Say you'd been single for the past 2yrs (so logically you'd been practicing abstinence for 2 even though you'd been dating), but really the one & last time you had sex was just 9 months ago. How do you answer if you don't want him to think you're casual which you are not?

  2. Great question! Let's discuss in the next post!

  3. Anonymous12:27 am

    WTF look at ur arm. U lost weight again HJ??

  4. Lovely indeed!!

    Visiting here again. Smile


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