HappyBox! Make Someone Happy!

A couple of weeks ago, I received my happybox in the mail!
HappyBox is the ideal gift for your loved ones especially if you're not quite sure what to buy them. With HappyBox, they can choose their treat!

You go to happybox.sg to order a happybox. You can get get it delivered straight to the recipient or to yourself. You can pay via Internet banking or paypal. The Beauty Delights happybox costs $59, while the Wine & Dine happybox costs $169.

Each Happybox includes a full-coloured guidebook which features all the available packages and a pre-paid gift card. The Wine & Dine happybox will give the recipient a dinner for 2 which they can select from a specially curated list of top Wine & Dine Singapore rated restaurants.

My Beauty Delights happybox had a whole range of spa services, tanning services, nail services, IPL, beauty treatments and even make up products to choose from. (In Singapore only). Click here to see the HappyBox Beauty Delights partners. 
After validating my gift card online at happybox.sg/activation , I contacted Tsuya Tsuya (details are all provided in the guidebook) to arrange to get my products from their Suntec outlet. I got One eyebrow pencil, Fiber lengthening Mascara set and a Gel eyeline with brush. At Tsuya Tsuya, I used the HappyBox gift card as payment.
You know what? The Tsuya Tsuya gel eyeliner retails at $24, the mascara at $38 and the eyebrow pencil is $15. That's $77 total! What a deal! You will find that practically all the experiences featured in the happybox guidebook for you to choose from are actually worth more than the price of the happybox itself.
I tried out all 3 of my new eye products. The pics above is with the Tsuya Mascara (black), Gel Liner (coal black) and Eyebrow Pencil (Grey). I absolutely love the gel liner as it gives an intense look. I've worn gel liners during shoots before, but this is the first time I'm applying it on my own. It's surprisingly easy to use.

I'm so delighted with HappyBox that I want you to share this experience too! One of my readers (chosen at random) will be sent a Beauty Delights HappyBox which he/she can use get the experience of his/her choice!

All you have to do to take part in this giveaway is to share this blogpost (url: http://www.hollyjean.sg/2012/06/happybox-make-someone-happy.html  ) on your Facebook Wall. Then leave your FB url in a comment at the end of this blogpost and tell me why you would like to win it , so I'll be able to pick a winning entry. Giveaway ends 3rd July. 

Here are some other fabulous and pampering experiences in my Beauty Delights guidebook that I wanted to try ... before I decided to pick the Tsuya Tsuya products. 

Diamond Peel and Vitamin C Whitening Facial at Passage New York 
Passage New York is a luxury spa. The photos of this place looks posh and luxurious. 

Wash and blow dry + Nails Shape & Polish at VIVE Salon (Paragon)

If you choose to go for this instead, you'll get your hair washed and blown dry plus get your nails done at the same time!

Full Body Collagen Treatment Therapy at Red Light Company: Collagen Studio
Instead of tanning booths, these booths infuse collagen back into your whole body so your skin will look youthful and supple. I've never heard of this type of body treatment before. Very curious about it!

Of course there are plenty more experiences to choose from in your HappyBox!

HappyBox makes a great gift for all occasions and the best thing is - it takes the guesswork out of the giving. The recipient gets to choose the experience he or she likes, so it's less likely that the gift will be stashed away unappreciated in some cupboard or worse, regifted! For gifts, you can even customise it especially for a friend or loved one, call              +65 8353 8264       to get it done (additional charges apply).

Go check out happybox.sg  ...LIKE HappyBox on Facebook & for enquiries or to be a HappyBox partner, you can email contact@happybox.sg

Don't forget to share this post on your FB wall and leave a comment here to take part in the Giveaway!!!


  1. my url: http://www.facebook.com/lingxuan.yeoh

    Why? If I win it, I would give the gift box to my elder sister who are always here for me!

    I love your blog, holly!

  2. I just used my sister computer. My account is here!

  3. http://www.facebook.com/may.neo

    The reason is, i wanna look gorgeous and stay happy like you.

    Will be so happy if i won :)


  4. Here my URL: https://www.facebook.com/#!/ah.jie.9404
    Every time I win a contest, I feel the joy. I would like to share the joy with family members, I will definitely give it to my sister.

  5. Here my URL: https://www.facebook.com/#!/ah.jie.9404
    Every time I win a contest, I feel the joy. I would like to share the joy with family members, I will definitely give it to my sister.

  6. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Here my URL: https://www.facebook.com/ah.jie.9404
    Every time I win a contest, I feel the joy. I would like to share the joy with family members, I will definitely give it to my mother.

  7. http://facebook.com/bluenath Having a HappyBox will makes me feel back @ home. I'll have a better reason to return Singapore more often and pamper myself like a princess according to my liking.

    When I'm happy, I'll be more confident in myself;
    When I'm confident, I'll be in a very good mood;
    When I'm in a very good mood, I'll be easy to work with;
    When I'm easy to work with; everyone will be happy as well :D

  8. Hi Holly,

    I'm an avid reader of your blog & I love playing around with makeup, these awesome items would definitely add on to my cosmetic collection

    Pick me pick me!


  9. Anonymous2:24 pm


    I would love to win a happybox because they have such awesome beauty products from well recognized brands! https://www.facebook.com/jan.sunday.5

  10. Anonymous2:46 pm

    https://www.facebook.com/rachael.qiqi The Happybox seem to a very cool idea, and I would ♥ to win this happybox to make my life even happier with my 2 kids. Would like to bring hubby to explore maybe spa or good food! Pretty please let me win!!! (*prays hard*) pick me pick me! :P - From Glow aka Rachael Mama :)

  11. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I would love to win because I would love to treat someone I treasure. Also, maybe it's also about time I start exploring the feminine side of me. ;-)


  12. Anonymous6:17 pm


    i would like to win cos i wanna be beautiiful like you.

  13. Anonymous7:33 pm


    I wanna win this so i can give it to my friend on her birthday on top of the nice dinner i will be buying her to make her special day a little more complete :)

  14. Shared on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ASleepyBeauty/posts/410833938954974

    This amazing Happy Box would be a great gift for my coming birthday.

    Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

  15. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Shared link https://www.facebook.com/#!/wcgrace44/posts/311875918907436

    I love to win this Happybox to make myself a beautiful Happy bride.

    Name WC Grace
    Email glwc88 @ hotmail . com

  16. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/NaggyQ/posts/229052980548155

    I love to give this HappyBox to my parents on their wedding anniversary so that they can be a pair of beautiful old couple.

  17. Anonymous10:00 pm

    oops, Holly pls add my particulars to my entry. Thanks

    Name Quek CH
    Email chquek at hotmail dot sg

  18. Hi Holly this is my URL http://www.facebook.com/simplyclaire

    Well..I would love to win the HappyBox because I would love to make myself HAPPY!!! haha! And i wanna look beautiful :)

    St Claire

  19. Janru9:09 am


    I definitely would love to win this HappyBox as there are so many amazing vouchers that me and my fiancé can use when he comes back to Singapore, finally..

    It will be a great time for us to use the vouchers to go to different places to spend quality time together and give us a chance to try out different places for us to final a venue for our wedding reception.

    Really hope that I will be chosen to get this happy box. Happy Box, makes people happy.

    Definitely, it will make my finance and I happy!



  20. My facebook url: https://www.facebook.com/saralynl

    Would love to try this out! It looks so interesting and I will be able to use this opportunity to pamper myself :)

  21. https://www.facebook.com/coldkohmew

    Hope i can win more makeup for my sister's birthday!

  22. Anonymous2:22 am

    FB URL: https://www.facebook.com/leklekwee.dazhi

    Subscribed to your FB using email leklekwee@yahoo.com

    I would love to win this Happy Box so that I can give myself a try out because if I'm satisfied, then next time I don't have to crack my head to buy a gift for others and of course, good things are meant to be shared, so I wish to share this Happy Box with my loved ones.

  23. Anonymous5:34 am

    FB URL: www.facebook.com/kaorilizaso

    Why I want to win this: My best friend is a beauty junkie and her birthday is coming soon so I would love to give this to her as a present! :) As I am still a student, I am always constrained by my student allowance whenever I buy gifts for loved ones. Hopefully, if I win this, I will be able to give my best friend a birthday gift she truly deserves and will love. She has done so much for me that I want to give her something extra special. I realized that this would be perfect! Please do pick me as a winner! :) Thank you! :D

  24. Anonymous10:23 am


    with so many boxes in the trend, this Beauty Delights Happy Box is the most tempting but I would really hope to try it out before committing into yet another subscription purchase this time :)

    thank you lovely!

    Xin Mei

  25. Anonymous11:58 am


    Would love to win this Beauty Delights HappyBox to try out different beauty products and look good everyday!

  26. Anonymous1:46 pm

    My FB URL: https://www.facebook.com/fish.ang.39

    I would like to win the Happy Box because I would like to give the box a try before I make a subscription =)

    Most importantly, I would love to pamper myself, and my best friends to this wonderful treat!


  27. Fb url: https://www.facebook.com/caroooolll

    I would like to win the Happy Box because I have always wanted to indulge in those beauty treats, and there are lot's of options for me to choose in HappyBox! I would also like to give the box a try before I subscribe to it, as I think it would be a good way to pamper myself :)

  28. Dave Lim12:31 am


    I want to give my girl a surprise

    Facebook Name Dave Lim
    Email : daveltk78@yahoo.com.sg

  29. http://www.facebook.com/jessicayeow


    Thanks for always holding such nice giveaways and sharing the goodies with us readers so we can also enjoy what you think is good!

    such a good idea of giving a gift. now we can all avoid having our brain juice dried thinking of a gift for our friends and also its time for some self pampering :)

  30. URL: https://www.facebook.com/daphne.soh.14

    What can be better than getting great deals for things that are good for the body! I would very much like to win this HappyBox!:D:D:D

  31. Kaelyn Chen1:35 am


    Happy box seems like a totally cool box and it would be lovely to open up the box to all your favourite items found inside.
    Plus who doesnt love trying new products and stumbling upon great finds.
    And we all need a little pampering now and then to brighten up our otherwise monotonous week.

  32. The winner has been picked at Random. It's Daphne Soh !

    Congratulations! HappyBox will contact you shortly.

    Everyone else, thanks for your participation... more giveaways to come!

  33. Ali Johanson10:41 pm

    Happy box isn't that bad. Except some products just sucks. I would rather spend more on diamond peel than on things that are actually not worth it.

  34. Not only do you have a nice set of make-up products, but you do have a pretty nice face as well. It's not too difficult to put make up on a pretty face. I'm also a huge fan of make-ups, and for some reason I always try out different ones. Just recently, I went to buy thalgo and so far it has brought positive effects.

  35. My wife is vain when it comes to her skin and face. Now that her birthday is just around the corner, I'm thinking about giving her that "Happy Box". I just hope that she will really be happy about that.


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