Eu Yan Sang E-Store for my Aches and Pains

Ok... so I am not the most athletic person around... and I am more of a lite gym bunny, and not one who does rigorous exercise or runs marathons. But I still get aches and pains from exercise (maybe because I do it so irregularly!). I also will get neck pain if I use shitty pillow (in budget hotels when travelling).

But no matter how achey I am, I refuse to walk around smelling like medicated oil! Reminds me of old Ah Pek smell.

So I'm very pleased that I can get these Stick-Well Herbal Medicated Plasters from the Eu Yan Sang E-store... because they are scented! My favourite is Lavender (they also have rose and ginger scented ones).
Other than smelling good, these plasters are also soft to the touch, and not plastic/latex feeling like most other medicated plasters. It comes in a box of 10 large sheets and I usually cut a sheet into 2 or 3 pieces.

It promotes blood flow by improving blood circulation, relieves shoulder and back-aches, lessen arthritis and joints pain, and eases rheumatism discomfort.

My mom has this habit whereby she will cut the plaster into tiny squares (about the size of a 20cent coin) and paste it at both sides of her temples when she has a headache. That works for her. I seldom get any headaches, but I will try it one day when I do get one. 

This product costs $11.50, but the online price at the E-store is just $10.93 (That's for 10 Large sheets)

Another good thing for an achey body is massage. I don't like spending money at spas, but I love massages at home.

Whenever possible, I will persuade my fiance to give me a back rub. But usually, he's either too lazy, or at work during the day when I crave a massage (!).

I use the Massage oil from Eu Yan Sang called Zing Earth Element Body Massage Oil. It comes in a 100ml bottle and costs $27.64 (on promo!)  from their e-store ($34.55 originally). One bottle lasts for months and months... because only a few drops is needed.
I usually do my own massage on my legs, arms, and torso. I have dry skin, so I find that regular massage with this oil not only relieves my tired legs and promotes circulation... but it conditions my skin as well! I usually do a firm massage on my legs because I believe a firm rub helps reduce cellulite. (I just rub up and down my thighs and calves as firmly as I can)
Abdominal massages are comforting, and aids digestion. Especially with this massage oil as its ingredients (Lemon, Bergamot, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Patchouli leaf extract, Pine oil extract, Castor seed extract and Ginger root extract) regulates digestion and aids absorption in the digestive tracts.

To do an abdomindal massage:

1. Rub your hands together vigorously for about 10 seconds, or until they feel warm.
2. Place a few drops of  Zing Earth Element Body Massage Oil onto your right palm.
3. Place your right hand on your belly button and rub gently in circular movement enlarging the circle gradually. Do this for about 2 minutes.
Since we're on the topic of fitness and health, I've been eyeing the Herbal Soup Packs from their E-Store. Think I will try those next. Have you tried them already? Which ones are best (less bitter, more tasty)?
Their soup packs are pre-packed with all the herbs needed for all the different kinds of herbal soups. Eu Yan Sang uses high quality herbs in a form that's originally suited for boiling. So you get an authentic herbal soup... just that it's hassel free!
Another useful product I want to highlight is the Flu Relief Granules. Have this handy for times when you have the flu or you feel one coming on. I hate the flu! I will avoid it best I can!

I hope you have poked around the Eu Yan Sang E-store and realised what a great range of products they have and how easy it is to order online. It's perfect for busy working people (and lazy people)... plus Eu Yan Sang products sold at their E-store are actually cheaper than in their retail stores! :) 

Do check out their promo page as there are special promo prices for Honey, Bak Foong Pills, Essence of Chicken, Plasters, Personal Spa products and Herbal Soup packs! 

I wish you good health and no more aches and pains!! :D


  1. Eh looks good leh. Is the plaster the cooling type?

  2. Not the super menthol cooling type.

  3. My friend sent me some of these plaster from the hospital she was working at in Japan. It was so cooling and effective. Was addicted to it. Maybe there's cocaine lol

  4. But i guess i really need to get it. Saw that you put in there arthritis.

  5. Anonymous9:11 am

    Your stomach is so nice and flat ! Any tips? Do massages help?


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