Custom Made Furniture in Our Home

A week ago, Ravi's men came in to install our custom made pieces for the new home. Wanna see???
I love our dining area! High table.. glossy black base, with a pearly white top, and we got 4 red bar stools  to complete the look.
They fitted the Pulmet for the huge window/doors leading out to the Balcony in the living room and the master bedroom. We chose a colour that matched the skirting boards.
Little finishing touches like these don't cost much but make the place look so much more polished. 

They put in our customised Bed for the guestroom. Just in time for the arrival of our first guests (David's parents).
We turned our small guestroom into one that can fit a proper queen sized bed by utilising the huge ledge that was already part of this spare bedroom. 

Plus Ravi created more storage space under the bed so I can stash more clothes. :)

The bed really exceeded our expectations, it turned out nicer than we imagined or expected. I'm absolutely delighted with what Ravi has done for us, within our budget. I highly recommend him to anyone who is doing any home renovation or painting.

If you have any questions or need a quotation on home painting or any home renovation, Ravi's contact is or you can call 9666 6664 .Don't forget to mention that you're Holly 's reader/friend, so you'll get a great deal ! :)

The last step...  we'll get some big paintings ! We're in Bali right now, (for my cousin's wedding), hope we'll find nice one here.


  1. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Designing the bed to make use of the ledge is an absolutely ingenious idea! Loving the modern concept of your place! (;

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