Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Picking wedding colors is an important part of creating the overall feel of your wedding. Certain colors contain visual cues that can trigger responses and feelings for you and the guests.

  • Orange or Yellow: Fun, Cheerful, happy
  • Bright red: Exciting, energizing, sexy
  • Light pink: Romantic, soft, sweet
  • Burgundy: Rich, elegant, refined 
    White: Pure, clean, innocent

Bright Pink: Exciting, happy, hot
Navy: Strong, basic, classic
(Tiffany) blue: Pleasing, rich, classy
Green: Fresh, nature, lively
  • Black: Powerful, elegant, mysterious
Dominant colour. This will be the color that is most seen throughout your wedding, such as on your invitations and attendants' attire. Followed by a subordinate colour which should complement the dominant colour. And an accent colour for smaller details, which should blend well with the other 2 colours. 

My dominant colour is Navy Blue/dark Blue for the table cloth and the aisle carpet. I prefer a blue instead of a red carpet. Actually, I wanted white carpet but my hotel does not have that. I will also have dark blue table cloth instead of the usual white. So that's my dominant colour. Now I got to think of the subordinate colour for the flowers etc. I was thinking white Calla lillies for my wedding bouquet will complement the dark blue setting.

Should my bridesmaids wear navy blue too? Is that too much navy blue all around? Maybe a subordinate colour? What subordinate colour should I pick? White?  And then light pink for the accent?

Getting nice DIY wedding deco in Singapore.....

I am going to order these wedding Poms from MerryLove which is a Singapore site which sells deco and stuff for weddings/hen nights/ bridal showers.
Love the poms!! It's quite an inexpensive way to fill and beautify a space. I haven't decided which size or colour to get. Probably cream, and pink. I will confirm my colour scheme for my wedding deco in a couple of weeks and place my order. They do have InStocks for this item (as they always order extras from each pre-order they do) so you can check with them to see what's in stock now.
Do check out their unique rustic wedding banners. Would be great if you have a photo booth/backdrop for guests to snap pictures... or you can hang it on the wedding car...  it can even be part of your wedding deco.
It's very rustic as it's made of natural burlap, and comes with jute twine for tying. This won't go with my wedding theme, but if you're having a fun theme for your wedding, you should join this Pre-order! Orders close on 30 June 2012. So you need to hurry to make this pre-order. Click here to go to their site.

p/s- the pictures of the banner and poms are from MerryLove's Facebook page.


  1. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Hi Holly, if you have a group of friends to help you can easily make the paper pompoms! They are easy as and indeed an affordable way to beautify a space - :)

  2. Wow. Thanks for the tip. I think I won't be making these... Enough work just planning the wedding!! :(.

  3. Anonymous1:58 pm

    You're welcome Holly! I understand what you're talking about as I'm planning my wedding too :)

  4. Anonymous12:35 pm

    compliment color: Silver or cream.

    My wedding was Navy Blue with Silver

    All the bridesmaids wore navy blue and the carpet was blue. The flower girls wore white and carried white tulips. As long as you balance out the decoration, it won't be too much blue.

    But if you think it's too much blue, then have them wear a broach or a sash or something in Silver. A nice silver hairpiece also works. Or maybe silver shoes.

    Navy blue and Silver together look AMAZING


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