Bali Wedding Trip

David and I just flew home last Thursday night via Garuda. We were in Bali for 2 nights, for my cousin Olivia's wedding.
When we arrived, we got picked up and whipped straight to the resort I had booked. Two thumbs up for the good service!
I booked 2 nights in the Deluxe bungalow at the Bali Tropic Resort in Nusa Dua. I have to say, it's very Balinese.. as in they've made it a point to have Balinese architecture, and maintain a rustic feel (but of course, they do have all the modern amenities you would need).
Space is a great thing in this resort. Eachbalinese style cottage has its own balcony/patio bit, and you're not living too close to the next unit. I recommend this place for families, and for those who want to experience Nusa Dua in a more natural setting. If you prefer sterile environments (which I sometimes do!) then go for other hotels in the Nusa Dua strip like the Courtyard Mariott or Aston Bali. All 3 are in about the same price bracket - approx $130 - $160/night.

If you really want to pamper yourself - go for the St Regis Bali (upwards of $600 a night) or Ayana (approx $350 a night) ! 
They have a huge pool, 4 restaurants, a spa and a water sport type centre. 
We spent most of our time at the beach though... since it's just there at the resort and takes no effort to get to   :)
I super Love my new Contrast Pink Bikini.It's $39. 
For my cousin Olivia's wedding later that evening, I wore this bronze coloured toga dress from ClubCouture. A steal at only $49! The clutch is also from CubCouture. Black pumps are from Xquisis.
It was held at Ayana Resort at Jimbaran. That's a pic of the chapel (taken with the "dusk" effect from my Casio Exilim ZR20)
Everyone waiting patiently for the bride's arrival...
Groom and groom's men looking calm... :)
Beautiful bridesmaids Sarah and Renee.
I got a lovely shot of the couple exchanging rings.
What a gloriously sunny day it was.
My cousin Olivia ....
David and I outside the chapel
My cousin Fel.
Walking to the reception area after the ceremony in the chapel.
What a beautiful setting!
My seat... :)
My darling.
The sun setting...
Almost the end of a wonderful night...
To view the rest of the photos, they're in my Facebook Album- (click here)

I can't wait for my own wedding now!! This has got me excited again! P/s I am ordering my dress this week!

Have you checked out the collection of clothes I designed for ClubCouture yet?? Click here.  :)
There's free international shipping for all orders and free next day delivery for Singapore orders for now (and no minimum spend needed). Enjoy it while you can!


Anonymous said…
holly,ur skin looks glowing in this post.are you still using ettusais products for your facial routine?
Holly Jean said…
I love ettusais! It's esp good if u have oily/problem skin.

Though currently, I am using Hada Labo... which I find very basic and affordable, but very very good esp for me cos i have dehydrated skin by default (lol).

It's here-

It's also cos i am using my favourite foundation from Shiseido -
Anonymous said…
The groom is extremely handsome!!
John said…
This is a very beautiful and interesting picture, i enjoyed your article it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!

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Theresa said…
Hi Holly jean,

Always enjoy your travel blog posts. Very interesting and nice photos always!
lovefashion said…
Wow! This is amazing! Nice photos!

xx lovefashion --
Anonymous said…
hi holly
love how you did your hair at the wedding. could you pls do a tutorial on it? thank you! :)
Anonymous said…
wow, love reading your blog. u look ravishing in the dress!

I am getting married too, and having trouble with finding a nice evening gown dress. Do you have recommendation
Holly Jean said…
anon 11.10 - Yup he is a handsome man. And I never photoshop his face or what.. in fact, I never photoshop my blog photos (only add a tinge/wash like vintage effect, or maybe some text or adjust lighting/colour)

@anon11.01 am - not sure if i'll have time to shoot video. But in a nutshell, I sectioned off the front part of my hair, hairsprayed it, and then back combed. Then I pinned it back with 2 pins.

The hair bun is done with chopsick ( tutorial here - )

Then hairspray the whole head to make it neat/sleeker.
Holly Jean said…
@anon 11.21- YES I DO!! I just modelled for a gown site last week. They design and make to measure gowns at very good prices.

But I cant release their site yet. I will feature the pics I modelled for as well as their url .. on my blog very soon. Hopefullly in a a week or so.
Anonymous said…
hope i don't sound rude or pervy but did you do some "enhancements" to your boobs? seems a bit fuller in recent months (and no, doesn't seem like you put on weight at all)! do share your secret ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Holly, may I know what is your height and weight? You look great! (:
Holly Jean said…
Nope... Still same. Depends on camera angle n wat I wear. Like the pink bikini on this trip is super padded, under wired. (not by me... It's created like that by club couture)

But if I wear normal unpadded triangle bikini... Looks normal and not enhanced :(.

Also, if I look bad in the pic, I prob won't put it up.

Holly Jean said…

I think it's posture, proportions ... Cos I am actually not tall . 165cm, 48kg now
Anonymous said…
bronze is a classy colour tht ppl dont wear more often, u look gorgeous n i love the way u did ur hair. n lol thank gdness ur fiance is tall- can enjoy wearing all the heels u fancy without reserve! :)

n the wedding setting outdoors is very pretty :)

wow, 48kg- do u have any diet tips? i know u dont eat carbs....but other than that? I am ur height too (n a pear shape) lol. it's motivating to imagine what i might look like if i lost 10kg :)
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful wedding! You have an amazing figure and the bride is glowing. I just had my wedding earlier this month and love the colors in this one