Vanity Trove for Mother's Day!

I LOVE the April issue of Vanity TroveLet's take a peek into my trove ...
BRAPHY Lip Plumper - It's a full size product, not a sample. Mine in a number 2 shade. All Braphy Lip Plumpers come in natural looking shades.
What surprised me is that you press a little button and the wand lights up!! Plus there is a mirror on the side of the bottle.. no problem putting on lip gloss on the go.. or in the dark... like when clubbing!
K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer - Full size product in #03-Orange Beige shade.
Conceals dark circles caused by lack of sleep/poor circulation. Perfect timing, because I just ran out of under eye concealer.
It's light weight, and gives good coverage, so I would definitely use it for other areas/blemishes and not just under eye circles :)
MASEGO Safari Spa Gift- This is a little package which consists of a sachet of Cappu Spa Polish and a gift voucher for a 60 minute Cappu Detox Spa Remedy worth $198).
This spa is located in Safra Jurong. I think the African theme is quite unique!

STYLE Aromatheraphy Moroccan Argan Hair Moisturiser - 100ml pump bottle.
For an aromatherapy product, the smell is quite light ans subtle.As a moisturiser, it does its job, good for conditioning the dry ends on my hair.
You get a mix of vouchers... from fashion to make up. Some are % discounts, others are cash vouchers... 
Also in this package was a small bar of Filthy Pussy Soap. This product is handmade in Hawaii. It's a lovely Mint + Rose scent. And a pair of Star Lash false eyelashes. I use false lashes almost everytime I go out. Star Lash makes really nice and good quality lashes. 

What a great deal April's trove is! :D So many full size products and useful vouchers.

Get your Mom a treat this Mother's Day!There's a special edition Mother's Day special Vanity Trove in May. It costs $35 instead of the usual $25, but this Mother's Day edition of Vanity Trove is beauty pampering made for 2 people to share! 
Huge loot of French products as well as a spa session for 2 at either Phyto Hair Spa, De’cleor Institut, or Payot (all these are top end French spas in Singapore!).  Purchase the May Trove as a gift option to your mother now, and receive it before Mother's Day!!!

It will be worth well over the $35 you pay for this special Mother's Day edition. (Hurry though, because this one is Limited edition!).

Coming up in June is the “Best Friends Summer” edition of Vanity Trove!
So, if you want May's Trove, you have to purchase it using the 'Purchase Gift' option on the vanity trove website (and perhaps gift it to your mum). If you purchase a trove via the normal way (That's by subscribing for just one month or 3 months or 1 year), you will receive June's "Best Friends Summer" trove. June's trove is at the regular price of $25. As always, all troves get delivered to your doorstep at no extra charge !

The focus on June' trove is the HEAT! So you'll find haircare, body care, skin care for the hot season. Some of the new brands being introduced in this trove are Erabelle, Essentials, Enavose and more! If you order your Trove by May 14th, then you will receive it before June starts... just in time for the summer holidays.  :)

In line with the Vanity Trove team's mission to find the best beauty brand, they are inviting subscribers to join their sampling group to test some extra goodies from brands like The Body Shop and Egyptian Magic (in addition to what's already in your yummy trove!). Just SHARE June’s “Best Friends Summer” edition found on Vanity Trove's FaceBook page.