Singapore Wedding Photo Shoot Venues

David and I aren't doing a pre-wedding shoot. I don't want him to see me (in real life) in my wedding gown until the actual wedding itself. I'm superstitious like that. In my culture it is bad luck to see his bride in her gown before the wedding itself.

A couple of months ago, I did a wedding photoshoot (not for my own wedding, it was a job for bridal mag print ad). Great timing because I also got to try on loads of gowns and now I have a better idea of what I want for my own wedding. 

This assignment was done at the Botanical Gardens, I love how the photographer managed to give it a dreamy look, like it wasn't smack in the middle of Singapore, and make it look as if I wasn't sweating my arse off under those gowns.

Make up and dresses from -
Photos by- Jaliboy @RebelPixelPhotography

Here's a compilation of some places I think would make great wedding shots in Singapore. (Or any photo shoot, not necessarily bridal). Add more if you know of any! 

Punggol Lalang Field
Changi Beach Boardwalk 
Mount Faber
Fort Canning
Pulau Ubin 
Portsdown Road 


  1. Well holly, you still can do a pre-wedding shoot, just without your gown! Nowadays a lot of couples do wedding shoots at interesting, outdoor places like you've mentioned but without the formal gowns. Instead, they clad on nice, themed clothes, which looks v fun as well. Maybe u can consider doing it with your fiance because it's going to be fun and your friends and family will enjoy looking at the photos too... Just a thought.

  2. hhhmm.. will consider... but wearing normal clothes makes it feel like any other shoot though...

    Still early.. will decide in a few months :D

  3. Amazing...really a lovely place for photo shoot. That look like Korea wedding photo studio. I will be waiting for your next post.


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