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David and I are putting this new home together on our own, instead of spending on interior designers (we cannot afford). We managed to get most of what we wanted from IKEA, and the Furniture Mall. But there are certain things you just cannot buy from a store. It's nice to have some one of a kind pieces of furniture to distinguish your home from the many others.

We wanted a slim and high dining table (Sleek black base and pearly white countertop), with high chairs (in red) and we needed to fit a queen sized bed in the guestroom. We needed it to be custom made because we wanted it to integrate with the big ledge in the guestroom. We are also having storage space underneath it. Show you pics when these items are ready!

We scouted around for shops and contractors to do this for us. We expected it to cost more than mass produced furniture, customisation is afterall, labour intensive. But the prices we were quoted were way above what we were willing to pay.

However, one of David's friends, Ravi, who is in the home renovation business, came back to us with very very attractive prices. He worked with us and advised us on material selection and the feasibility of our designs in order to get the best for our budget. He's not pushy and  he's very easy to work with. This is a refreshing change from people always quoting us mad high prices, thinking the "rich" ang moh and "bimbo Asian trophy wife" can afford it.

So that's why I am recommending Ravi to you. This is not an advertisement, nor am I getting paid for it. I just am really pleased with his service, his prices and I can't wait to show you the final results too. And you know that as always, I won't endorse anything I don't believe in.
Apart from construction and renovation, his company also does painting.. so if you're looking for a fresh coat of paint for your house. Rest assured, he will do a professional job, with high quality paints and experienced painters. Once you engage him, I am sure you will be pleased you did, and help spread through word of mouth too.  :)

If you have any questions or need a quotation on home painting or aircon installation or any home renovation, Ravi's contact is or you can call 9666 6664 . Don't forget to mention that you're Holly 's reader/friend, so you'll get a great deal !  :)

I think setting up a new home is one of the most stressful (and expensive) phases of life. Thankfully, we have found people like Ravi. Everything is coming along nicely. Next weekend, exactly 1 month after getting our keys, we're moving in! 

We're lucky, things have been going smoothly, and we've been making good choices when it comes to purchases. Our custom made sofa arrived last week. Super huge, and velvety!  We still have to shop for rugs and artwork, but there's no rush for that.
We got a new Samsung Smart Tv. Actually this was not in our budget. We were supposed to use David's old tv (which is only 1 year plus old!). But we have decided to put it in the bedroom instead because he wants a smart TV in the living room (men!! lol).
He still can ask me pose with his new TV, I was not so amused, so I didnt make much effort... lol. 
I had to go in early one morning to wait for the building's workmen to come fix some defects (scratches) on the floor... no tables yet, so I had my take away on the floor. Was a lovely morning view from the balcony. I am looking forward to this being our new home.

Sorry the pics not that clear, was using my phone. My next post on the New Home, I will take pics with a proper camera... and show u the new curtains from IKEA that I am putting up this Friday. I'm hemming them up today to the right length (it's an iron on hem).

p/s- I was just in the Chinese newspapers (WanBao) twice this week.Something about being pretty has it's pros and cons... and another was about my Social Cause -Sleep In Saturdays .. I think (I don't read Chinese) 
This shot taken by @theuper_girl on twitter (thanks!)
This shot taken by @yongwei92 on twitter (thanks... don't forget save the cutting for me)
One last thing I wanna show u today.... Like my Hello Kitty Bag!??? Check out the little kitty print.... and the huge Hello Kitty plush dangle.
 It's made of like a waterproof  material. 
 It's very practical because there are nice spacious main compartments as well as little zipper ones for small stuff

This bag is tooooo cute! It's from MillyWalker !


  1. The way that photo looked, it's more like the TV were posing with you :P

  2. christine10:09 am

    ha ha.. burst out laughing when i saw your last paragraph about how PRACTICAL your PINK HELLO KITTY bag is! you are probably one of the few women in their 30s who will carry such bags!

    on the other hand, you seem happy & cheery so who cares what others may think/say :)

  3. Jiayi6:35 pm

    HEllo! can i check where did you do your sofa? i've been looking for 1 like yours but hte prices were always super expensive! Thank you so much! Jy

  4. Was a store on the second floor of The Furniture Mall. I can't remember the name, but they only sell sofas and dining table/chairs only.

    was 2900... but cheap considering the size, material, and amount of cushioning I wanted.

  5. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Hey Holly,

    Where did you get the cream-coloured top in the last few pictures? :)


  6. Tht's an old dusty pink coloured cropped sweater top.

    I can't remember the brand but probably Zara or mango ... was one of the common brands.

    I can check the tag for u when i get home.. but this is like 3 years old. they dont sell it anymore

  7. Anonymous5:41 pm

    i m not a hello kitty fan but the way the kitty blends in with that bag's fabric is super cute!

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