My New Casio Exilim ZR20 (Plus one for you!)

The new Casio EXilim ZR20 retails at SGD$499, and comes in 4 colours- Black, Purple, Silver and White.
It's 16.1 megapixels

Has 8X Optical Zoom (but if you use the Multi SR Zoom, you get 16.0 X zoom! ).

It is compact and light weight. Approx. 166 g (Including Battery and Memory Card) /Approx. 139 g (excluding Battery and Memory card)

I just got the White one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :)
This was the very first picture I took with my camera when I first got it. I was pleasantly surprised. Anyhow snap, first time, and the shot turned out pretty good. I love that it "touched up" my face even! What sorcery!! Super Love this Camera from the first minute!
Today I unboxed it again to do a review on it. And I must say, this camera is very good looking.  :) A slim and compact ceramic body, the lens fully retracts, the design is very flushed.

Looks great and takes even better photos. It has the Premium AUTO PRO mode. Under this mode, the camera can tackle difficult shooting conditions, such as backlit, night time and zoom photography, the camera automatically merges high-speed burst-shooting images appropriately to create more beautiful photos. And this is done AUTOMATICALLY... very user friendly!
This is an example of what the Premium Auto Pro mode does. It automatically analyses the scene and brings into play all the multiple effects needed to give the best image. Like Magic huh. :)

Another key feature of this camera is the BEST SHOT.
This is where you can select between 41 different Camera EffectsYou have the usual stuff like night scene, portrait, soft focus, pop colour, sports, etc... but with the ZR20, you also get many new effects!

My favourtites are the HDR (proper HDR, not your iPhone kind), Multi SR Zoom (lets you zoom steadily for up to 16X) and HDR Art

HDR (High Dynamic Range).

This is a normal shot, one single exposure.

For a HDR pic, the camera automatically snaps multiple images consecutively (super fast, you don't even notice it)  at different exposures, and pixels from the three images with the most appropriate brightness levels are combined into a single image at high speed. Overexposure and underexposure are eliminated, and a beautiful photo emerges.
This is the shot I got using the HDR camera setting. The sky has so much more detail and the whole scene is more defined.

Multi SR Zoom

 This pic is without any zoom. My sbujects are a woman and child standing at the traffic lights at the far end. They are so far away, you can hardly see them in this pic.
This is with the normal 8X zoom with the Exilim ZR20. Now you can see the subjects I was aiming at.
This is with 16X zoom, achieved with the ZR20's Multi SR Zoom function! Amazing or what?! This is with a compact point and shoot camera! Bear in mind also that this shot is taken without tripod and with fidgety/moving subjects! :) I'm impressed with this camera!


The above is a normal plain shot, no effects.
Then I switched to Best Shot option- HDR ART, and snapped again. With this function, I get a fun arty photo. You can control the level of colour saturation, this shot was taken with level 3. No post processing or photoshopping needed with this camera. :)

All these are possible because the ZR20 operates at SUPER HIGH SPEED. The 0.26-second shooting interval (amazingly high-speed responsiveness) also means I can press the shutter button for my next shot with no pause after shooting! Never miss a good shot again! Yay!

Will update you with more stuff about this camera in a couple of weeks!

For More info visit the Official EXilim ZR20 website (Click here).


From 7th to 20th May 2012, submit your best shot (taken with any camera). Show Casio that you're worthy of the ZR20, like a pro! Best shot wins the camera!

Then from 21st May to 4th June, the public can vote for the best photo. One voter stands a chance to win the ZR20 a well!

LIKE their FB page first then submit your pics to their "Show Off" contest (click here).


  1. This type of camera is a nightmare for guys who judge if a girl is good looking or not based on a photo :P:P Next time must ask a girl what camera she use before making any conclusion hah.

    But not bad really. I'm pleasantly surprised especially at how well the 16x Zoom turned out.

  2. yah.. my face looks extra nice in tht shot right!!!

    I was surprised with the 16x zoom also.. because I don't even have steady hands.

  3. We need night shots or low light shot photo samples!

  4. thanks Holly, sounds like I might getting this and not a Samsung camera LOL

  5. apparently, night shots/ almost pitch black.. this cam can still take nice shots without flash.

    This camera ISO is something mad like ISO 12800.

    Will take next week and show u in the next review

  6. Anonymous11:43 am

    Hi Holly, can I ask for the filters do we have to add in when we are taking the picture or we can edit the picture after taking the shot?

  7. Choose the filters before taking the pic.. it's not done post editing on cam or off cam.

  8. woah this is mad impressive!!!!! esp the zoom. oh god, imagine going to your favorite artist concert with that. u can capture some good pics as memory!

  9. Hi Holly,
    Nice writeup.

    If I'm allowed to add, I feel that the special in-camera effects (filters?) should not be applied during shoots.

    Once it's printed with the shots, it's there permanently. And we can't remove the effects/filters afterwards, BUT if we add them in post (editing), then we could do whatever we like, PLUS being able to UNDO if we wanna revert.

  10. The anyhow shot looks brilliant! I'm actually more interested in the beauty mode. Is there actually a special touch up function or does it auto detect & touch up the face after every shot?


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