I Shop at the Eu Yan Sang E-store

Eu Yan Sang was founded in 1879 with the mission of "Caring for Mankind" (仁泽众生). It is a brand I trust for safe, high quality products and herbs.
When I mentioned to a friend that I shopped at Eu Yan Sang, he exclaimed, "Eee... I didn't know you're so traditional Chinese."

I was like ,"huh?" Because Eu Yan Sang isn't cheena to me, it has it's roots from traditional Chinese medicine (which is a good thing), but it has also become a global healthcare and wellness company which caters to the modern man and woman today.

So I told him, " Yah, I always get my essence of chicken (yummy!), Honey, muscle rub and anti-flu meds from there."

Then he was like *sheepish*, "oh.. I love all those things too."   LOL.

Did you know that you can now order online from their e-store and it gets delivered to your home (or office). It's so convenient. Their e-store has complete information about each product in English. 

Plus a great bonus for me is that their e-store sells the products cheaper (!!!) than the Eu Yan Sang retail store! It's for a limited period only though... not sure when they're going to change it back to normal price. So I just enjoy the promo prices while I can!
Ever since I was a child, my mom would give me Essence of Chicken, especially during exam period. Nowadays, I still take it, especially when I start feeling run down or haven't had enough sleep.
Eu Yan Sang has a whole series of essence of chicken (with ginko biloba/American ginseng/ wolfberries & red dates/ danggui & pearl) but I love the plain one best.
I looove the taste of Essence of Chicken when it's chilled. Just open my fridge, pop a bottle open, and enjoy the yummy goodness ! :) 

A pack of 6 bottles of Essence of Chicken  retails in the shops at  SG$18.90, but the online price at the e-store is SG$17.96.

Another product I love consuming .. that is also great for my health and skin is Honey. I use Clover Honey as a substitute for sugar. I love drizzling honey over my cut fruit, or cereal. Sometimes, I get cravings and just put a spoonfull of it into my mouth! Honey is also a natural sweetener which you can use in your tea or for cooking.

This is my first time getting the Black Current Honey from the Eu Yan Sang e-store.
It's natural honey enhanced with added blackcurrant juice to create a deliciously scented honey. It provides the natural goodness of both honey and blackcurrant juice. Blackcurrent contains rich amounts of vitamin C, it's a powerful antioxidant to sustain good health.
I eat very little carbs but I love honey on toast or biscuits for a quick yummy breakfast. Blackcurrent honey tastes better than jam. Plus it's healthier! All products at Eu Yan Sang are 100% natural with no added colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Blackcurrant Honey retails at SG$31.40 but I got mine from their e-store at $29.83 for a large 500g bottle.  

They also sell Manuka Honey Total ACtivit 15+ and 28+ at their e-store. Manuka has valuable benefits in treating burns, infected wounds or ulcers, as well as relieving skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne. Regular intake of Manuka Honey
can also help soothe sore throats and speed up recovery from colds and flu.


Another hot favourite from the e-store is the Gold Label Bak Foong Pills. When I was complaining of irregular periods a couple of years ago, one of my readers recommended it. 

Bak Foong Pills contain the herbs which are good for women's well-being and alleviates symptoms during that time of the month.

I also rely on the e-store for thoughtful gifts!

They have a good selection of Birds nest (perfect for this year's Dragon baby boom! They make great gifts to new mums), if you're looking for a gift for your mother in law, she will appreciate Bird’s Nest, Hashima and Hampers.

A lot of people are buying Eu Yan Sang Hampers online and getting them delivered to their friends/colleagues/ loved ones as surprise gifts. Everything is available for you to pick and choose from at their e-store... so you can order anytime of the day that's convenient for you. I pay via paypal, but they accept credit cards too. 

Enjoy your shopping at the Eu Yan Sang E-store- Click here !


  1. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Seriously - chicken essence isn't meant to be chilled..that's gross.
    Do research before endorsing the ad...and if you don't consume it, you do not have to pretend you do.

  2. No, you're gross.

    Research? Chicken Essence can be taken at room temperature, warmed or chilled. I'm sharing with my readers that I love it chilled. (AND I DO!)
    What's your problem?

    p/s plus you insinuate that I am only pretending to drink it. That's a pet peeve of mine! I pride myself on integrity so I really HATE when people accuse me of being dishonest when I am not.

    If you had any balls (or brains for that matter), you would know that your anonymous comment means nothing... except some (maybe coward)(maybe ugly..lol)grinch behind the computer naying everything I do.

    My readers love you though, because we all need someone to laugh at in life.

    Who are you? Why not we sit down and discuss it, over an essence of chicken, no less. :p

  3. Take it easy, Holly.

    "Can BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken be refrigerated?
    Yes, you may store BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken in the refrigerator at a normal refrigerator temperature of approximately 5 degrees. You may store for as long as you need to as long as the bottle is unopened and it is within the product expiry period. Once the bottle is opened, it should be consumed immediately or refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours of opening." http://www.brandsworld.com.sg/FAQs/BRANDS-Essence-of-Chicken


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