Do You Google Who You Date?

Last week, I put a short write up in my GetHer! Column on the NSportal. It was just a short one.. more like a brain fart... about how when I was dating people, I used to Google them (sometimes, quite obsessively) .[Click here to read tht]

After that, a couple of my friends Ming, and Kuen started dicussing this topic about googling dates. That's when Ming pointed out Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother... one of my fav shows!), and how he used to create fake online profiles about himself for his date to find when Googling him. He even created his own fake wikipedia page for Lorenzo Von Matterhon (the name he uses for himself on dates).

So basically, he would tell his new dates that he was Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. And if you google that name, he is a rich, powerful, yet generous and kind, adventurous man with a gigantic penis. Haaa.. classic!

I love Barney! (Wish Neil Patrick Harris, guy who plays Barney, were not gay...I don't do fantasies with gay men , lol ,but true )

Anyway.. yeah... which one of you would be cheeky enough.. or free enough.. to create a whole bunch of webpages with some fake (but flattering) details about yourself.. and then see if your new date did in deed google you and read all that??

One of my latest on NSportal, is about Palm Reading. Is she your match?

Nice find this week:
Peter Pan Sequin Top (SG$24 only!) from ALVILA 
 I love the sequin collar trend I've been seeing on the runways and in magazines. But honestly, I've been a slow adopter of this trend because... I'm more candy pink than I am Bling. But this look is surprisingly easy to look good in! Although there's a lot of gold bling on the collar, the overall look, with the soft white chiffon-like blouse is more subtle, and feminine.
I pair my Alvila sequin collar blouse with a simple peated black skirt. This top also comes in black.


  1. Ah loving that outfit!

  2. Anonymous9:18 pm

    heh my then-date had to google me to find me on friendster (yes, it was a few years back..), before asking me for my contact number because he was too shy to ask for it when we first met! well now he's my fiance and i'm glad he did google me back then ;)

  3. Anonymous2:31 am

    i googled a guy and found out his message exchanges with MANY MANY girls on twitter. and its not just casual chatting. well, thats for not setting his account private! karma bit him in the butt!

  4. Anonymous12:24 am

    I stumbled upon ur blog while googling for the 'grandfather road' vandal and has been reading all ur past posts for nearly an hour now! Damnnn i'd better getta bed! U're entertaining Btw...nights!

  5. Glad u enjoyed it.. hope u'll come back...(after sleep)!


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