Casio Exilim ZR20 - Show Off!!!

It's been about 3 weeks since I got the Casio Exilim ZR20. Check out my fb album of test shots - here.

Readers have been asking me to test out the night shots. Well, for comparison, here's one taken with my phone camera (in night shot mode).
And below are some shots of the same scene taken with the Casio Exilim ZR20's High Speed Night Shot mode.
 Muuuch nicer eh???
It picks up the light, and night scene... right to the very end of the landscape... good depth, and good definition. I love it!
The shot above was taken earlier, during sunset.
Now in daylight, the next morning. Casio Exilim ZR20's HDR mode, captured this shot.
This was taken with the POP colour filter.
Black & White filter. There's actually 3 levels of saturation you can choose from. I am using level 2 in this shot.
This fun picture was taken in Miniature mode.. which somehow is able to make the real life subject look like a miniature model. Very cute!
In the Blurred background mode, you can easily take macro shots. The camera automatically focuses on the subject and blurs everything else out.

Super duper love my Casio Exilim ZR20! I can't stop experimenting with it. 

P/s- Did you take part in the Casio Exilim Like A PRO contest? If your photo is one of the shortlisted ones, Yay!! Congrats and good luck!
For those not selected, or didn't take part, you can also stand a chance to win the ZR20 too! Just go to the Casio Exilim Singapore Facebook page for more info on voting your favourite pic!


  1. Beautiful post and lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    P.S. Wish you a lovely Sunday!

  2. i really like the photos u take using the camera :( im soooo impressed with it. am considering getting one but i just got a new camera 2 months back! :(

    whats the retail price for it? hmmm

  3. Casio EXilim ZR20 retails at SGD$499, and comes in 4 colours- Black, Purple, Silver and White.


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