The Teenage Prostitute Hoohah

I'm sure most of you are aware now of the latest sex scandal in Singapore. 40 over men charged in court for having sex with an underage girl. Plus more and more men are being investigated/charged each day, the numbers are fast growing. 

Apparently, prostitution is legal in Singapore but not when the girl is under 18. 

This prostitute, I hear, was an ITE student, and 17 years old in 2010, when she had sex with these men for money. Those charged had allegedly paid between $450 and $750 for the girl, whose identity is now protected by a gag order, so the victims and all those involved cannot make her name known to public/media. The buzz on the street is that the girl's name is XXXXXXXX (I cannot reveal cos of gag order) a.k.a. Chantelle  but don't take my word for it, it's just hear say.

Firstly, I feel... whether she's 17 or 18 is pretty arbitrary. Like... when she's 17, it's illegal to pay her for sex (but perfectly legal to have sex with her and not give her a cent.. since she's over 16, the legal age for consensual sex in Singapore)..... but a few months later when she hits 18 it's perfectly fine to pay her for sex? Come on... not as if these men were having sex with 11 year old children!

These men were not raping her. It's a business transaction, fair and simple. But at the same time, I don't like the idea of it. I'm against prostitution, no matter what their age. It makes me feel very uneasy.

I would love to live in a Utopian world where men only had sex with their wives, and no one cheated, and prostitution didn't even exist. But that's just wistful thinking.

The things is... although I don't condone cheating... and I would kick my (future) husband in the balls if he were one of them.... I think they should not be charged in court for this. The girl clearly lied about her age. It's not like they knew she was 17, and then paid her for sex anyway.

It is the escort agency/pimp who should be held responsible and charged. The girl herself should also be charged for lying and prostituting herself while underage... but I think she won't because she'll be protected under the Women's Charter  .....  kwa kwa kwa the world is unfair isn't it.  

Who goes to a prostitute and then asks to check her NRIC, anyway? 

One of my pet peeves is seeing most of the men cover up and run in and out of court like clowns... who are they hiding from? Their names and details have already been made very public. Only a few walked in to face the music with (some sort of) dignity.... like Howard Shaw and that former school principal guy.
Most of the others acted like Losers.
Is this your husband or father or son or brother? I feel sorry for you  :(

Anyway, here is the list of men charged in court so far

1. Kelvin Peck Yong Li, 21
Allegedly committed offence at 3.43pm on Oct 7, 2010.
2. Wilson Oei, 25
7pm on Sept 26, 2010
3. Danny Wang Ting Wei, 26
4.45pm on Jan 6, 2011.
4. Qiu WenBo @ Allan Khoo Wenbo, 27
Between 4.51pm and 6.23pm on Dec 23, 2010.
5. Desmond Quek Jin Yang, 27
5.11pm on 29 Oct, 2010.
6. Choong Sin Jian, 27 (two charges)
Between 6.53 and 8.32pm on Jan 6, 2011.
Between 3.15pm and 5pm on Jan 29, 2011.
7. Chan Wei Kiat, 27
Between 2.02pm and 3.03pm on Nov 6, 2010.
Chan is a naval officer.
8. Raziuddin Mohamed Naseem, 27
Between 5pm and 8.45pm on Nov 18, 2010.
9. Reyner Desvando Suhartono, 28
Evening on Sept 24, 2010.
10. Koh Zi Yang, 29
Between 3.07pm and 4.40pm on Dec 23, 2010.
11. Leu Xing-Long, 30
Between 5.26pm and 6.59pm on Sept 30, 2010.
12. Sng Kok Wee, 30
Between 2pm and 2.51pm on Oct 10, 2010.
13. Pyi Kyaw Han, 31 (two charges)
8pm on Dec 21, 2010.
6.31pm on Jan 21, 2011.
14. Ong Chee Wah, 31
Between 4.30pm and 5.36pm on Jan 23, 2011.
15. Chiang Meng Chuan, 31 (two charges)
Between 3.33pm and 4.24pm on Sept 23, 2010.
Between 3.10pm and 3.56pm on Sept 29, 2010.
16. Loh Ben Ni, 32
Between 6.29pm and 8.03pm on Nov 6, 2010.
17. Kwa Wee Nam, 32
Between 6.02pm and 8.02pm on Oct 8, 2010.
18. Louis Lee Lip Kian, 33
Between 4.14pm and 5.30pm on Nov 20, 2010.
19. Lee Tian Song, 33
Between 2.55pm and 4.05pm on Sept 26, 2010
20. Calvin Yew Boon Liat, 34
At 5.12pm on Oct 27, 2010.
21. Goh Wee Seong, 34
Between 2.45pm and 5pm on Oct 23, 2010.
22. Tan Kok Wee, 35
Between 5.30pm and 7pm on Oct 23, 2010.
23. Lee Vin Sen, 35
Between 7.30pm and 9pm on Sept 23, 2010.
24. Emlyn Thomas Thariyan, 35
Between 5.03pm and 6.31pm on Feb 18, 2011.
25. Choo Yao Chuen, 36
Between 8.01pm and 9.21pm on Oct 1, 2010.
26. Tan Wei Siong, 36
Between 5.45pm and 7.37pm on Oct 6, 2010.
27. Koh Ching Shyang, 36 (two charges)
At 3.42pm on Jan 4, 2011.
Evening of Feb 1, 2011.
28. Teoh Nai Jin, 36
Between 5.30pm and 6.20pm on Oct 22, 2010.
29. Lee Ching Hsuin, 36
Between 3.11pm and 4.07pm on Nov 6, 2010.
30. Ng Guan Mean, 37
At 2.30pm on Oct 10, 2010.
31. Timothy Gan Wee Jin, 37
At 6.45pm on Dec 8, 2010.
32. Kenny Sim Choon Wee, 38
Between 6.15pm and 6.54pm on Oct 18, 2010.
33. Low Teow Guan, 38
At 1pm on Oct 1, 2010
34. Chia Kok Peng, 38
Between 7.32pm and 8.46pm on Oct 29, 2010.
He is a former senior legal counsel for the National Environmental Agency.
35. Atet Kardjono Sianandar, 39
Between 5.32pm and 7pm on Nov 20, 2010.
36. Lee Lip Hong, 39 (two charges)
Between 7pm and 8pm on Sept 26, 2010.
Between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on Dec 14, 2010.
He's a former school Principal. And the only one who pleaded Guilty. 

37. Lim Kok Tong, 39
Between 1pm and 2.19pm on Dec 22, 2010.
38. Yap Eng Kian, 39
At 6.30pm on Dec 22, 2010.
39. Tan Wee Kiat (formerly known as Jarrod Song Eu Loong), 39
Between 2.34pm and 5.26pm on Dec 22, 2010.
He is the ex-head of strategic planning at Police Training Command.
40. Wong Yih Yong, 40
Between 6.46pm and 7.52pm on Oct 5, 2010.
41. Fong Kok Liang, 41
Between 3.04pm and 4pm on Oct 10, 2010.
42. Foo Kim Meng, 45 (four charges)
Between 4pm and 5.34pm on Oct 10, 2010,
Between 5.56pm and 7.46pm on Oct 29, 2010,
Between 6.46pm and 9.31pm on Dec 3, 2010.
Between 4.43pm and 6.35pm on Jan 3, 2011.
43. Frederick Chen Kwek Kwong, 45
At 8.56pm on Oct 1 , 2010.
44. Nguyen Van On, 48
Between 7.45pm and 9.40pm on Oct 6, 2010.
45. Howard Shaw Chai Li, 41
Shaw is the former executive director of the Singapore Environment Council.... he got married in November last year, and even appeared on Singapore Tatler talking about thier romance. Oh, I feel so sad for her  :( 

46. Juerg Buergin, 40
Buergin is a Swiss national who previously worked for a private bank in Singapore. He faces two charges.
47. Chua Ren Cheng, 31
Chua is a former teacher.
48. Edward Whistler Goh Ngian Meng, 49.
He faces two charges.
My verdict- She can't have been that good if only a few out of these 40 over men went back for seconds! LoL.

Well.. hopefully men will think twice.. or thrice before indulging in such vices from now on... it's not worth the shame and the detriment to your career and/or marriage.... Don't be a fool!

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  1. It's just really stupid right? And a good part of those men are young, young people! What sort of desperation drove young people with at least a few hundreds to their name into calling prostitutes???

    Young people, go do something proper, get a girlfriend, marry her... or else control themselves.

  2. Anonymous11:46 am

    I know you don't mean it that way, but this remark sounds very callous and mean:

    Is this your husband or father or son or brother? I feel sorry for you :(

    It should have been better phrased. It comes across (especially to those wives and gfs of those man) as you gloating that you have snagged a better man.

    1. I don't think she meant that. She was just not impressed by the futile act of trying to cover up.

  3. Hmmmm anonymous, i don't think she meant it that way. A little harsh yeah but not gloating. The family are the victims here, i don't see why anyone would gloat over it.

    The partner you find might have a side of them you may or may never find out, you just have to trust the person you are with. I'm pretty sure that's the same thing those women of these men feel but because the guys has always been nice and good to them, they stood by them.

  4. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Hi Holly, this is irrelevant to your post but I just wanted to ask you whether you use a self tanner or do you actually tan at the pool? I'd like to get a tan like yours.. any recommendations?

  5. Hi Holly, this is completely irrelevant to this blog post but I really want to know what bra do you normally wear when you're wearing strapless tops? do you recommend any good fitting strapless bras? thank you!

  6. Re comment on the guy with paper bag on head- yes, it was not my intention to gloat... but merely pointing out how foolish it was (wear a proper cap and sunglasses la... why use paper bag, and YELLOW plastic party favour glasses if u want to go incognito?!)

    And tht I truly pity the people who are related to him... imagine.. looking at that pic, and KNOWING... tht's ur husband. :(


    Regarding tanning.. I am naturally darker than most I think.. and I get colour super easy. I recommend a little each day... like don't hide in the shade all the time. and then suddenly go to the beach for hours in the blasting sun, expecting a nice even tan.

    I hardly go to the beach, unless holiday. Mostly poolside.


    I can't really recommend any great bras as I tend to wear a lot of sports bras (nike usually), and then mot of my bras are cheap ones from Primark... or in Singapore I buy from cotton on.

  7. Anonymous11:32 am

    holly, if your personal friend were to be caught in unfortunate situation, you say, "I'm sorry this happen", or simply, "I'm sorry to hear that". You don't tell her 'I feel sorry for you'.

    Like I've said, I know you don't mean it that way, but it's phrased in an insensitive way.

  8. Anonymous2:13 pm

    This unfortunate situation that these men are caught in are a result of their own actions. So what if outsiders are sorry for the people affected by this? Its the men who should be learning to keep their pants on.
    And i fully agree with holly with regards to her remark to the man with the plastic bag over his head. It is not insensitive. Yeah, and i feel sorry for their wives/partners. And happy at the same time; getting a better understanding of their men.

  9. Anonymous10:51 am

    Recently 44 (and more) people were charged in court with having sex with an under-aged girl. Singapore Law will encourage more under-aged girl into Prostitution if no action is taken against the underage girl. These under-age girl found out that when matter
    being published , they will be protected instead being charged. We hope that MCYS should seriously look into the matter and

    make sure all parties involved should be responsible, this is to sure that future girl prostitute feel that they will be prosecuted if they are under age.

    Need Public Support to prevent future intentional under-age girl prostitution culprit


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