New Crocs New You

Yesterday was the Crocs Fashion Show at VivoCity. Ever since I fell in love with the new Crocs style of shoes last year, I've always been anticipating their latest seasons and designs. 
The Crocs concept store at VivoCity was super busy (especially the womens/girls side of the store!) ... everyone was checking out the latest designs. 

We browsed around for a while, but we had to leave because I wanted to get great seats for the fashion show. Early birdie.

Was great to see the shoes worn with different styles of clothes... from dressy looks to the ultra casual.
 This model looks like a young Harry Connick Jr. (I digress).
Both the womens and mens styles this season are fabulous... you whould check out the wedges for women (not rubber wedge heels ah), the jellies (translucent ones) and for the men, they have this awesome brown leather ones too. 
 I love the pop of colour Crocs gives to an outfit.
You can use Crocs in a vibrant colour to contrast or match an outfit.

Gone are the days of that ONE LOOK rubber Crocs huh!?  Crocs is now a brand that carries
over 300 shoe styles each season!

In fact, they are so proud of this transformation that they have started the New Crocs New You campaign so you can experience the same excitement by helping you to be transformed as well. 

Join the New Crocs New You Makeeover Contest! Absolutely no purchase necessary to enter or win this competition. (Click to enter Contest)

Tell Crocs why you want a makeover. If you are one of those lucky to be selected, you will get a makeover from head to toe with New Crocs New You. You get the latest Croc shoes so you can Walk in Comfort, Wear in Style.... plus shopping spree vouchers worth S$6000 and help from a professional stylist.

Then, one finalist will be chosen from each participating country. If you are the one with the best makeover from your country, then you and a guest will receive round trip tickets and
accommodation in a city of your choice. You will also be sent on a shopping spree with
a recognized beauty and style expert. They will then whisk you away to a salon where the
New You transformation will begin. Total package is valued at USD$8000 !

Mad exciting isn't it?  :)  Try it, you'll never know... it could be your ticket to a NEW YOU!

You can also download the Crocs Mix & Math Mobile App (for iPhone or Android). This app lets you snap a picture of your outfit, allows you to choose the focus colors, and then matches the best pair of Crocs shoes to coordinate with what you are wearing. Want to try them on? No problem! You can try them on virtually by pointing your phone at your feet. It's a cool app.

This morning after breakfast, David and I popped into the Crocs concept store at Plaza Singapura to get some Crocs. (I have to mention- Two thumbs up for the excellent and friendly service there!!)
 I am soooo loving the new prints this season.
The translucent ballet flats come in such bright colours!
 The mens range has handsome deck shoes and loafers. 

David picked the Hover Boat Shoe in a blue and red canvas upper.
So I picked the ladies version of the boat shoe in a full nautical navy colour... so it's matching.. but not identical. It has the white chords to complete the boat shoe look, Croslite™ material footbed for maximum lightweight cushioning and the outsole is made of a non-marking material. The Hover Boat Shoes retail at S$89.90. 

I love my new addition to my growing Crocs collection.

 I Love Crocs


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