Be Discovered for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

There are many things I am attracted to, and one of them is a nice smile. I don't have straight teeth, and I even have bunny teeth ( which I was very conscious of growing up)... and yet, I've often been told that I have a great smile! Having clean teeth and a bright all shiny white smile makes a great impact, and dramatically improves one's appearance. 
A while ago, however, I had some tooth sensitivity. It started out with a sharp pain every time I drank very cold drinks. Then it quickly got worse... it hurt every time I had anything liquid! It affected my lifestyle badly, imagine being worried and bracing yourself every time you're about to eat or drink something!

I thought oh noooo... I have a cavity (and I am afraid of the dentist!). Luckily enough though, I read up about tooth erosion.  Daily wear and tear or certain diets cacause  thinned  enamel,  and  eventually  can  expose  the  softer  dentine underneath the tooth surface. 

Functional  enamel  helps  to  absorb  pressure  of  biting  and  chewing,  protects  the  teeth 
inner  structure  and  is  essential  for  a  beautiful  smile.  Dentine  is  sensitive  so 
erosion  can  lead  to  your  teeth  being  more  sensitive  to  hot,  cold  or  sweet  foods  and 
I started using the Enamel Care toothpaste from Darlie's All Shiny White range. And I am glad to say... after about 1 week, there hasn't been anymore pain or discomfort when I drink.

 A large tube only cost me Sgd$3.15 ! It's pocket friendly and yet so effective. Apart from fighting cavities, plaque and making my breath smell so fresh, it contains a special enamel care formula that strengthens and replaces enamel on the tooth surface. This protects the sensitive dentine below. 

 The tooth paste itself is a combination of a gel and a paste. It tastes like regular toothpaste (minty and fresh). If you like other fruity tastes, you can try out the flavoured ones in the Darlie All Shiny White range.
 I never go anywhere without my Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care. I have a little handy travel pack too. So convenient!
All  Shiny  White  is  Singapore’s  No.  1 Whitening  Toothpaste  offering  5  variants  –  Lime  Mint, Apple  Mint, Mineral  Salt  Enamel  Care & All  Shiny  White (Regular)  –  available  at  all supermarkets. (retails at $3.15)
I also like the Apple Mint flavour, such a great fresh taste. All the 5 different variations in the All Shiny White range contains 50 million SWA whitening molecules in each gram of toothpaste! This gives me an all shiny white smile. All it takes is 14 days to see the full effects.

I am thankful because I would not want to go for painful and expensive teeth bleaching. I would much rather maintain a great smile by just brushing twice a day

By the way, try to catch a glimpse of the Darlie Angel!!!! There are free goodies to be given away with every photo taken with the Darlie Angel. Plus you stand a chance to take part in a lucky draw to win attractive prizes.

Here's where you can spot the Darlie Angel:
14-15 Apr: FairPrice Sun Plaza, FairPrice Xtra Jurong Pt, FAirPrice Tampines Mall 
21-22 Apr:  FAirPrice Xtra AMK, FairPrice  Xtra Hougang Pt, FairPrice Woodlands Civic 
28-29 Apr:  FairPrice Xtra Nex,  FairPrice  Bedok A,  FairPrice  Toa Payoh Hub 
(Time: 11am - 3pm )

This is the new Darlie commercial on Channel 8, U, 5 and cable tv. I loooove her shiny white smile.

Darlie is the Main  Sponsor  for  Academy Fantasia 2012 which will be on Cable Tv in July. Darlie  strongly  believes  that  everyone  should  strive  to  be  discovered  for  their  inner  hidden  gems, which is also what Academy Fantasia is all about. It is the search for the next "shiny" star.

I think it's great that Darlie is sponsoring this because how can you be a star without taking care of your image, right? A brighter white smile will definitely boost the confidence of the contestants while they showcase their talents on the battlegrounds of Academy Fantasia.

Look  out  for  Darlie  All  Shiny  White’s  ‘Be  Discovered’  campaign  in  April,  which  is  an  integrated communications  program  that  will  showcase  a  new  and  captivating  television  commercial  and  out-of-home  displays.  
Try the Darlie All Shiny White Enamel Care toothpaste and be  ready  for  healthy  enamel  and  a  dazzling  whiter smile  in  just  14  days!


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    hi babe

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  2. mmm.. i think i am one of those tht happen to have high metabollic rate. or maybe I will get fat after having babies.

    but i might have someone who can help u depending on whats ur size now and if ur wedding is more than 3 months away at least. Drop me an email


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