This Girl (playfully) Hits My BF...

Wedding plans going well, life is good... I even have a modelling gig next week which happens to be BRIDAL! Great... I get to try on gowns and have a better idea of what suits me... And get paid. Perfect!

Anyway, just a thought for today... You know 'play hitting' is flirting right? When we were kids, if we liked someone, we playfully tease or hit them... That sorta things.

And nowadays there are a lot of 'teh' girls who whine and playfully hit their BFs as well... Like Joanne Peh and Bobby Tonelli on The Money Drop (did you watch that episode? Lots of squeeling and pitchy baby talking )... Quite annoying to watch girls do that. But bobby is her man, it's her prerogative to be 'teh' towards him if she wants to.

Anyhooo... We bumped into my bf's neighbours at our local bar. They (husband and wife) joined us for a drink... And she was doing a Joanne peh... Which would just be mildly annoying on any given day, but what made it shit was that she was doing it to MY MAN.

My bf doesnt know them well, just hi-bye... This was the first time they were having drinks with us. I didnt give it back to her husband... Because i believe theres a certain decorum to be observed the first time you meet people... But next time I will... Hahaha... And oh boy can i flirt...just for a laugh and also because some people deserve a taste of their own shite. :D.

Have you come across girls like that? Do you realise they're usually not that physically attractive? And do you think that it's correlated?? Like average to ugly girls feel like they have something to prove...

Update: 5.45pm-
Based on some comments and hate mails coming in ... I think I should clarify ( in case people misread what I said above) -

I never said Joanne Peh was AVERAGE LOOKING. The girl's a good looker! But yes, she was 'teh' on the game show. But as long as she does it to her own BF, that's fine.

I never said 'TEH' girls were ugly or average looking either!

I said that girls who 'teh' towards other people's BF's or other people's husbands.. they are usually not good looking.. just an observation.


  1. Anonymous1:28 pm

    I have come across girls like that but I don't think they are usually not that physically attractive. Some people are just naturally more excitable. I do notice that girls who look like you are usually very bitchy though. And "oh boy can i flirt"? Ironic much? Lol

  2. I have yet to meet a girl who does that to my boyfriend but if it happens, I am not above telling her to the face that it's not cool.

    I thought it's kinda understandable that people know their boundaries. That woman was just not being respectful for doing that to your bf. Pfft.

  3. Joanne Peh is not average looking ... . ?

  4. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Maybe you're too sensitive? Cos there are women who are just really friendly by nature and are just like that with everyone.

    I know what you mean though cos I had similar experience with this girl who was play hitting my bf and I was silently fuming. Never really liked her until much later because after knowing how and who she is, I realize it's really just the way she is and she's the same with other girls as well. Plus, she's really a good person etc. No issue with that after.

    Oh, and she isn't ugly. She's actually very hot and smart. So I don't think ugly girls are more "teh". After knowing she really is a person with a heart of gold who's just often misunderstood, I realized the problem might just be me being insecure and judgmental really.

    Maybe you would want to take some time to get to know the person. Cos honestly, blogging about it makes you sound petty. After all, you just met her. Not to mention there's a chance that she might read it.

  5. When I meet a couple, I make it a point to keep a polite distance (not just physically, also verbally) from the male faction, as a show of respect for the other woman. I think it's only appropriate.

    I know how you feel. Once when my boyfriend and a bunch of my friends were in a club. We bumped into a group of his ex-colleagues, one of the girls in that group that proceeded to get drunk and climb onto a table, and then wanted my boyfriend to carry her down.

    He did, and I showed my obvious displeasure the entire night.

    And no, she wasn't pretty. Average at best.

  6. OMG NO. I never said Joanne Peh was AVERAGE LOOKING. The girl's a good looker!

    I never said 'TEH' girls were ugly or average looking either!

    I said that girls who 'teh' towards other people's BF's or other people's husbands.. they are usually not good looking.. just an observation.

    And btw, anon 1.28pm - there is no Irony in saying "Oh boy can I flirt" ... I know how to flirt and I can flirt well when I want to, but I do not do it to men who are off limits, and I don't 'teh' other ppls BFs etc. Because I know it's not right.

    But I would do it to This particular neighbour next time I have the chance to... to give her a taste of her own shit.

    Anon 3.48 - no la, she doesn't read my blog. She doesn't even know what I do for a living... ( prob cos she's too busy trying to flirt with my Fianc'e.. lol).

  7. Wait, you return the favour and she doesn't mind and think you are acceptable to it and she keep doing it thinking everyone is alright with it???

  8. Anonymous7:13 am

    i'd totally understand how you feel. in the first place, i wouldn't do it to off limits guys simply because its a basic form of respect/courtesy towards their partners.
    yes it might just be the way the person is SOMETIMES, but that's kinda inconsiderate, that also means that she can't read ppl's expressions.
    if she does it and you're already showing displeasure and she continues to do it, what does that show of this person?

  9. Helena8:04 am

    hj is the babe nt peh u,hmm i think they nvr wear glasses or mata kero,wa kakaka

  10. Anonymous2:31 pm

    I think you're being a little oversensitive over the whole issue ... Similar to some of the other comments, there are some girls who are generally friendlier and more "open" hence might not think that their gestures would cause any unhappiness.
    Just laugh it off, stay confident, and be glad that he's your man not any one else's.

  11. I dun think anyone should even touch anyone, period. Haha I guess thats just the OCD in me.


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