Selling My Pre Loved Clothes! :D

Have you noticed that I put up an album on Facebook for my wardrobe clearance?
Most of my pre-loved items are sold already (indicated in the comments section).. but there are still some gems left. So go check it out, and drop me a mail at if you want any of it. Sale closes in 2 days. 

I did an interview with Wardrobe Trends Fashion (WTF) last week... you can check out the interview here.


Do you know... I won a Miu Miu bag from!! :) I just went to collect it yesterday! I've been SMSing in ever since they launched.. so far they've had I think 4 cycles of giveaways. And Iusually just send in one or 2 SMS entries each time. So I never expected to win... winner is picked by the computer.. randomly. 

And like.. odds are.. someone who SMSed more times has higher chances. But I am so happy  I got it!:)

Their current giveaway on now includes the Android 4.0 tablet.


  1. All pics are really fantastic it is really nice collection in first pic looks cool.

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    1. red and white sleeveless dress is looking awesome! You are also looking very cute in that dress!


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