Molly Lodge

What can I say...? Nice clothes make me happy. They just do.  :)

I'm always thrilled when I find an online store that offers a good range of well-made, affordable, well-deigned clothes.
The clothes and accessories at Molly Lodge appeal to a wide range of tastes and styles. Whether you want to fit in or show the world your quirky style. You will find it housed under Molly Lodge.
Go browse around Molly Lodge, and if you see something you like, take advantage of the 15% discount offered exclusively to my readers. Just quote HOLLYJEAN . (Valid until end April 2012)

Here are a few favourites that really suit my style...
The Kavie One-shoulder Bow Dress in Mint features a kawaii stitched on bow. The ruched drape design is figure flattering and sexy. They also have this dress in rose pink.
Roses in Cream is a vintage inspired dress. The small rose print is delightfully girly and romantic. At SG$30, with the 15% discount for my readers, you only pay about $25 for this! Plus free registered mail if you sign up for their mailing list.
I love the pleats and asymmetrical cut of the J'adore Asymmetrical Pleated Skirt in this dark navy colour. It can be worn to meetings... looks sombre and proper, and yet quirky chic at the same time. Here it is paired with the Raoul Cut-out Collar Blouse.Cut out collars are so cute!
The Mag & Jane Frock is made of a slightly stretchable rayon, has a flare hem as well as buttons running down the front torso. It' simple and oh so innocent looking. An easy dress to pull off any look... with a jacket for the office, on its own for brunch, with the right accessories for dinner.  :)

They also have accessories and shoes. The Raffia Striped Woodville Sandals is from collection 5. It has a classy suede body with patent stripes, wooden platform base & heel. By the way, Molly Lodge launches a new collection of tastefully selected clothes (and sometimes accessories too) every week!
If you're the kind that never shops online because you don't know your size, or you just don't have confidence in buying something without trying it on first... no worries. Molly Lodge lets you return your purchases within 7 days of receiving it! Happy and loyal customers is what they want.

Join their mailing list ( to stay updated on their latest offers/discounts and also to get FREE registered postage for your purchases!
You will also find that they have exciting giveaways/contests on their Facebook page ( EVERY WEEK!!!

Happy shopping at Molly Lodge ! :D


  1. Anonymous9:34 am

    Hi Holly

    I like reading your blog. Lately, however, my personal impression is that there seem to have been so many more advertorials. That was the reason why I prefer your blog over Xia Xue as her's has mostly turned into an advertising machine.

    I do enjoy your observations, and snippets of life.

  2. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Hi HJ! Just revisited your posts on your flea last year & I'm curious - how much did you originally pay for those dresses you were selling for $5 & where did you buy them from? They seem pretty good for the price!

  3. Anon 9.34 - I've actually noticed tht I share much less abt my relationship now. Mainly because it's been nice and smooth. I don't want to put too much wedding posts on my blog yet.

    Paid advertorials, I limit to one a week max. But since I am writing less about my relationhip I think the balance got thrown off a little. Apologies. Will try to share more personal stuff.

    @anon2.52- mostly blogshop. I tend to only wear my clothes once... I keep having new stuff to try out.
    Original prices mostly between $20-$50... with a few pieces being up to $100.


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