Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?

I got my hair rebonded straight again yesterday. I think I have very low tolerance for waves and kinks because I am pretty sucky at styling my own hair.

While I was at the salon... for 3 freaking hours. I was looking at the women who had come to get their hair dyed (roots touched up)... and they sat there for almost as long as I did, and I'm thinking... WHY?

Why dye your hair knowing that it takes upkeep every 3 to 5 weeks?? It seems like a real pain in the arse. Yes, lighter hair does brighten up a face, I noticed. But hair grows so quickly.. and it's ugly when your dark roots show.

I rebond my hair once every 6 months or so.. and already I think it's a BIG EFFORT. I can't imagine having to go get my hair done every month....  ;(

I think the only time I will start dyeing my hair is when I go grey. Hopefully that doesn't happen too soon! *please*

What do you think of dyeing hair? Love it or hate it?


  1. Anonymous12:17 am

    I hate dyeing my hair! I did it twice- the first time I dyed it dark red which faded to a nasty shade of brown (like dried grass) and the second time I dyed it black. (looked a bit unnatural and faded to brown again quickly) I thought that it was a waste of money. Not everyone can carry off the roots-growing-out look.

    P.S. I prefer straight hair too. It is easy to maintain and it is a simple yet no-fuss look. Curls can be a hassle to maintain- having to apply serum for curls daily and so on.

  2. Anonymous9:12 am

    Never had my hair dyed. My mother is against it. She says the same thing as you do, touching up the roots is tedious and not to mention expensive in the long run! I'm pretty glad my hair is still 'virgin', that means lesser damages to my scalp too. Haha.

  3. Anonymous2:34 am

    i love it - for the change it brings. Like instead of a waredrobe change, get a change in hair colour or hairstyle. Works wonders for a new fresher look, even you know those were old clothes you are wearing.
    Of course i understand the "Why?" which you mentioned. Yes, im one of the victims.
    After my confinement, i am so going to get back those kawaii looks when i return back to work. Part of the makeover will definitely involve dyeing my hair.
    =) Colour does makes a difference when you choose one which suits you well.
    But i dun see the need for you to have any - the vibrance in your face is enough to turn heads =)
    Keep it up, Holly!

    As for the rest of us, we have to have seek colours to help us, u see...
    to look better, have colour in our faces, not so plain looking, complete a fashion look.
    Tads my two cents worth. Thank you!


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