Who is this Imposter Bitch?

Someone on Facebook alerted me about a Profile on Tagged.com belonging to Tayla Sharon T which was using all of my photos as passing it off as herself.

I've emailed copyrightagent@tagged.com and reported the matter but it's been days, an no response!!!

Her profile user name : Tayla Sharon T

If you happen to be a tagged.com user, please help me send her messages or flag her account.

What else can be done? :(


Meanwhile... read my latest colmuns on MFP and GetHer. :)

Also... if you have any strings you can pull for a good deal on a nice venue which does food+ deco+ alcohol for my solemnisation & Dinner reception for approx 60-80 pax, please let me know. Either leave a comment or email me. Still in early planning stages, no rush but I'd like to consider all possible options available.

Prob won't want normal hotel banquet.. more like a lounge/modern restaurant with partially outdoor area for like a rose petalled solemnisation venue ... or a rooftop venue..

I don't want beach, too hot and sweaty. Not to mention sandy... and I want to wear a gown.


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Nothing unless you run another newspaper article haha. Just hope that person doesn't use your photos to go round cheating.

  2. Jessica6:50 pm

    Da paolo is pretty good, also the new Alkaff Mansion and Spruce at Phoenix Park. You also have Novus at the art museum, Au Petit Salut at Dempsey, Le Bistrot in Kallang, the new La Barca at Goodman Art Centre and Prive.

    These are all places I considered for my wedding in July. Ended up choosing Chijmes :)

    If you want packages tell me. I have 'em all.

    Oh yah, and jewel box.

  3. Yes! Please email me packages for

    Le Bistrot in Kallang,
    the new La Barca at Goodman Art Centre
    new Alkaff Mansion
    and Spruce at Phoenix Park.

    These are the ones I have not thought of yet. One of my best friends got married in the CHIJMES cathedral a couple yrs ago.. WAS BEAUTIFUL. but capacity too big for my party ..

  4. hollyjean69@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Hi miss Hollyjean,
    I'm sorry this is irrelevant but I was hoping you would kindly answer some qns regarding teaching as a career.
    Do you think applying for NIE is a good choice? Would you recommend it?
    Will a bachelor of arts/science (education) degree still be useful if I choose to opt for a change in career after serving a 3 year bond?

    Thanks so much!

  6. It's not a matter of good choice or not. If you want to teach in Sg u have to go through NIE.

    If u can, do your degree elsewhere first, and then post grad in NIE before teaching. PGDE is only 1 year.

    My friends who did their degree in NIE itself.. usually the case was tht they could not get into NUS/NTU. I am not sure how valuable a bachelor of arts/science degree in education is in the market. Unless you want to work for MOE.

  7. Anonymous9:08 pm

    How about One Rochester? Quite decent seating, beautiful and lovely ambience, and good food! :)

  8. Anonymous10:53 am

    Hey Holly!Go listen this song a thousand years by christina perry. beautiful lyrics! from the movie twilight.i would marry again to play it at my wedding!LOL! Great song for a wedding lei!

  9. Anonymous6:00 pm

    I think one caramel and one Rochester is quite good. Nice and romantic ambience.

  10. Anonymous12:31 pm

    the lantern at fullerton bay hotel is a great place.

  11. yup. already checked the lantern out. Under the marquee can get stuffy.

    The night views are lovely.

    But over my budget. The minimum spend for weekend is 45K. I will only have 80 pax ( i don't have much family here, neither does my fiance), doesn't make sense spending nearly $500 a head.

    Even if we book half the place at 25K, still over budget for like 80 ppl.

  12. Anonymous7:28 am

    Try bistro du vin!! I've checked it out for reception idea, it's cosy & lovely.. Dropped the idea cos my parents still wanted a traditional hotel dinner..

  13. I don't like the sidestreet tht bistro du vin faces.... :(

    I found a rooftop venue already. And the ppl are soooo bloody nice to me. Pleasure to deal with them.

    WIll go for site visit this weekend with HTB.

    I can't tell u where yet.. cos otherwise all the girls getting married this year might like it and book it before me...


    so only after i get my booking and date confirmed. then I let u all know


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