Wedding Talk: Just Getting Started

This year, there will probably be quite a bit of wedding talk... from venues, and gowns and decor and food etc etc.. Tentatively it's going to be a year end wedding (Oct/Nov/Dec?)

If you're getting married soon or next year, I hope you can use all my wedding posts as a resource for your own planning. So there's a new catergory called "Wedding Talk" on my blog which you can click to get all of the posts.

This is post 1 !

So far, I have my heart set on one location already. It's a rooftop venue at a hotel and best of all... within our budget. I want a solemnisation at sunset, and then dinner for guest.. with loads of booze and good music.

I will reveal more when I get it confirmed and the deal is sealed... because I don't want to jinx it. And I don't want to give the venue publicity now, only to find that someone who read my blog went to book the date I want ! Oh the irony!!

So be patient, wil share that soon. We are going down for a site visit this weekend.

I also have a great deal for my wedding dress, off a dhgate website. I can get one made (a very nice one) for like only $200 (!!!). I am not sure of the quality, or whether it's a scam China factory or what. Will also update you on that if I do order from them. Now, I will look around in our local shops first.

I just found this idea for the wedding guestbook. Instead of people signing and writing nonsense in a big clunky book... I was thinking guests can leave their thumb prints instead. The prints will be made with poster colours or maybe water colours (dark enough??). And there'll be loads of wet wipes on the table to themselves off.
And at the end of it, I might have a masterpiece we can frame up in our new home. And it looks like a happy memory.

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous11:00 am

    changi village hotel? haha

  2. wahh... don't laugh at Changi Village Hotel ok... I've been scouting around diligently, so I even have the price list for Changi Village Hotel..

    and I can tell you - it is not cheap.

    But no, that's not my venue. But yeah, they're not that cheap, considering the poor location.

  3. I highly recommend not ordering any tailor made dresses online. I had made the mistake of ordering my bridemaids dresses online, tailor-made to order and thought I was saving a buck. It turned out to fit horribly, and I was scrambling to figure out what to do with them. Had such a hassle returning and in the end, ended up going to a local shop to make the dress. And I ended up spending MORE. It's always better to try on the dress in person.

  4. Congratz! Where ever you are holding your wedding, yes don't say out yet, don't jinx it! All the best to you!

    My wedding was on Christmas Eve last year! And i've penned down about my wedding prep too! Feel free to pop over for a look!

  5. Anonymous5:22 pm

    u can search on for custom made wedding dress. direct from china but it's no scam. even custom made bridal shoes.. i've seen local online wedding dress seller selling same designs as on ebay.. even advertising same pictures u see in ebay.. probably ordered from china too. u simply can get anything for wedding on ebay at a better bargain than getting it here in singapore.. even PARADOX bridal shoes..

  6. you cant use poster colour or water colour for thumbprint making.. it will either be too runny or your palette will dry in 3 minutes.. maybe you can get some stamp pads? they have nice multi-coloured stamp pads (inked) at Kikki K. You can also buy the ink you want at ArtFriend or Popular bookstore, but the ink colour is limited there, black, red, purple if i'm not wrong. :) Hope that helps! :)

  7. Hi!
    I like the photo's posted in your blog. The dress is great design..I love collecting photo and you can check this out in my board.

  8. Anonymous9:50 pm

    actually.. it would be great if you can write about who you are actually gonna marry - we know his name, what he looks like but we do not know how you really met.. etc...

  9. interesting to have thumb print instead of signature..something new :)

  10. Carmen K11:29 pm

    If you want to do the thumbprint concept and hang it on your wall, i suggest that you can it done on a proper canvas. Also, choose a color theme (maybe a total color combination of 5 colors), unless you don't mind having it colorful =)

    That's my two cents worth.

    my friend got her cheongsam made of a chinese website. it was cheap and good. she just had to alter it locally.

  11. yup.. was thinking of getting it printed on canvas.

    Thanks for the tips!

  12. Suliana311:15 pm

    my friend did that at her wedding. the wedding 'tree' turned out very nice :)

  13. Steven12:53 am

    Haven't been reading your blog for a while.. Congrats!!

    If you are still scouting other venues, you might wanna consider Amara Sanctuary... or having a wedding in Bali would be really cool :)

  14. Steven12:56 am

    Just read your post on your Bali trips. I guess that rules out Bali then...

  15. That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

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