Vanity Trove - Clinique, Yadah Samples and More Surprises!

Every month, I look forward to the 15th because that is when I get a nice surprise from the Vanity Trove team. Simply Register and Subscribe to get your Vanity Trove delivered to your doorstep every month too.
Beauty experts curate a box of high-end beauty samples (Skincare/ Bodycare/ Haircare/ Fragrance/ Make Up) for subscribers to test out. I love it!!
I even love the case it comes in!! It's white and pink, and it's like a little pull out drawer. I'm going to collect the cases every month and stick them together to make compartmental drawers for all my make up ( show you in a few months)!
Here's a look at my fabulous stash from the January Vanity Trove!
Angel Lip Tint & Cheek Stain (Juicy Red). This is not a sample but a full size item! It retails in stores at $10.90. It's paraben free, made of natural and safe ingredients like red tomatoes and gromwell flowers.
The final effect is more of a natural blush, so don't worry about clowny lips. You can use on your cheeks too.
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief . This is a generous sample jar of 15 ml (the full size is $75 for 50ml). I love it because my skin just craves moisture ( My skin type is dry sensitive) and this jar is a good size for travel.
Olivella Conditoiner and Shampoo. At 70ml each, these samples make great travel size bottles, I can leave them in my gym bag. I have not tried them yet, but it's made of 100% Virgin olive Oil so it's going to be sooooo good for your hair and scalp. With shampoos I am particular about smell. I took a whiff, and yay! It smells nice! Smells mainly of a natural floral fragrance with a light scent of olives underneath. (Each 250ml full size bottle retails at $13.90l)

I2PL Whitening Laser mask. (
Price:1 box of 10 sheets - S$75) This mask has 2 parts.
First you apply the “Mask Base Ampoule” evenly all over your face. This prepares your face to efficiently absorb the goodness of the mask. Then use the sheet mask. The I2PL Whitening Laser mask is meant to revive your skin’s natural radiance as it has contents equivalent to one whole brightening ampoule.
YADAH is a Korean brand that's newly launched in Singapore. My YADAH pack is so cute, I will use this as a travel toiletries pouch! Inside there is loads of samples.
Sachet sample of Sun Cream SPF33 (the full size of 50ml is S$15.90), sachet sample of BB Cream (the full size of 40ml - S$19.90), 2x Brightening Ampoules (1 box - S$26.90), 1 sheet Brightening Mask Pack (1 box of 3 sheets - S$9.90) & 1 sheet Cleansing Nose Pack (1 box of 10 sheets - S$9.90).
I just tested the Cleansing Nose Pack out... OMG... my pores have been needing unclogging for ages! I need some MOREEEE ... by the way if you want to buy the items you tried out in your Vanity Trove, you can find out where to get them from the Vanity Trove website.
There are also 4 vials. There's the Pure Green Toner, Pure Green Emulsion, Vitamin Toner & Vitamin Emulsion. The Pure Green range from YADAH is 100% free from artificial coloring, mineral oils, sulphates & animal extracts, so it's very gentle on sensitive skin. The full size price of these items is $22.90 each (80ml bottles).

You can subscribe on a month to month basis where each trove costs $25 (including shipping & packaging), or you can get a 1 year subscription which comes with a FREE 13th month. (Vanity Troves are currently available to those living in Singapore and Malaysia.)
If you have a best girlfriend, a sister, a mother or anyone female you want to pamper with a box full of beauty goodies, why not get a February Vanity Trove for them for Valentine's Day? They have a Gift Option which allows you to send a Vanity Trove directly to someone. It would make a lovely surprise!

Visit the Vanity Trove website for more details or to subscribe. For sneak peeks at next months products and brands, you can check out their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

Earn 5 VanityTrove credits for every successful referral of yours who subscribes.
Accumulate 25 VanityTrove credits to enjoy one free month!


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Hi! Can you do something like nails of the day or something like that because the nails that you do is really pretty! :)

  2. Anonymous12:12 am

    Hiee holly (: About the Vanity Trove right, how do you pay it with and when does the billing come after the purchase?

  3. @ anon 1.18pm- but my nail work is not tht creative.. just tht my nails are long, and I use very opaque/bright/unusual colours most of the time.

    Will see if I can shoot some nail videos.

  4. @ anon 12.12am
    You will be billed when you place your first VanityTrove order (Payment by PAYPAL) and every month thereafter, as long as your membership is active.

    Members who are on a monthly subscription can cancel their subscription at any time. (Via email )

    U will receive ur trove on the 15th of each month.

    If u need more clarification, u can always just drop a mail to . they're very prompt and helpful

  5. Would love to see some nails of the day or hairstyle.


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